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"Ambiance" dates at the Swiss, Santa Fe

"Ambiance" band ....Performs Sensational, Sensuous, Seductive, Soulful & Smooth Sounds...at "The Swiss" Santa Fe, NM www.swissbakerysantafe.com Sat., Oct 4 Sat., Oct 25 Sat. Nov. 1 Sat. Nov. 8 Sat. Nov 15 Sat. Nov. 22 Sat. Nov. 29

"Ambiance" band performs at "The Swiss" Santa Fe, Saturday Night

"Ambiance"...Sensational, Sensuous, Seductive, Soulful, & Smooth Sounds! feat. Wayne Wesley Johnson-guitar, Christopher Thomas-keyboards, Howard Cloud-Bass, & Richard Reed-drums. at the Swiss, 7:30-10:30 pm Sat., Oct 4. 401 S. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe, NM 87144 www.swissbakerysantafe.com

"Wes & Mito" perform tonight at "The Swiss" Santa Fe

Tonight "Wes & Mito" perform Jazzamenco tm & Gipsy Kings Favorites at "The Swiss" in Santa Fe, NM www.swissbakerysantafe.com from 7:30-10:30 PM

We're #1,#2 & #3 in jazz at numberonemusic.com


Ratings at NumberOneMusic

We're #1, #2 & #3 in the Instrumental/jazz NumberOneMusic charts in New Mexico http://www.numberonemusic.com/charts/?chartgenre=0&chartcountry=225&chartstate=32#16

#1 for third week Dec. 1 Top 10 KJAZZRADIOUK.COM


We're #1 at KJazzRadioUK.com Nov. 17, 2013


New Mexico Jazz Workshop helps our youth through Music Education.

I'm a member of the NMJW Board of Directors. I'd like to share this story which was recently told to me at one of our recent Board meetings. So nice to see music change the lives of our youth, in such a positive way. WWJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A message from the New Mexico Jazz Workshop!

Carlos, a 6th grader at Harrison Middle School, had been getting into trouble during and after school, including skipping class. His grandparents worried that he was headed down the wrong path. The transformation for Carlos came during the two years he participated in the South Valley Band Project (SVBP). A division of New Mexico Jazz Workshop’s Empowerment Through Music, SVBP is free arts programming for at-risk, low-income South Valley students during out-of-school hours. Carlos’ behavior changed once he engaged with SVBP! He began attending classes regularly and his behavior and attitude turned around! He also became one of the most accomplished musicians in the program. The South Valley Band Project was a critically important outlet for him – a lifeline. Having access to free music enrichment and education programming made all the difference to Carlos and other at-risk youth like him. We wish you could see the transformation in the young people who participate in the Jazz Workshop’s programs. Through access to music education and enrichment, lives are changed for the better. Together, we can help at-risk youth through the empowerment that music brings! Please call us and/or visit our website and learn how you can help us continue this important work. Thank you.

(505) 764-0359 www.nmjazz.org 5500 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Maud Beenhouwer, Executive Director New Mexico Jazz Workshop Donations accepted online at www.nmjazz.org.. Thank You!



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