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Paris and music

Having recently returned from Paris for my CD release concerts across the pond, there are a few differences in the audiences here in America and in Europe. There seems to be an appreciation throughout Europe for the music and the musicians, their worth and ability. They are highly praised on that side of the world and the audience shows that praise and appreciation by listening. And when I say by listening, I really mean it. While performing in a venue, it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. If someone starts to chatter, their close neighbor will remind them to be quiet or to take the conversation outside; this is a sacred space for the enjoyment of the music.

I appreciate that as a musician and vocalist. So, thank you Europe for your appreciation and love of the music.

Heat: A Fire Cabaret

The other night I went to The Crucible in Oakland and saw their show, Heat: A Fire Cabaret- amazing! Kim Nalley knocked it out of the house! Her throaty, deep sultry voice lent itself perfectly to the occasion. She use to own Jazz at Pearls in San Francisico and is really a nice person. I have wanted to go to the Crucible but never make it and I was so glad I went last night to see the show. Did she approach them about the show or did they book her.

I worked a few weeks ago with one of my fellow Theatre Masquers who was a welder for the show, he told me not to miss it, wonderful creative metal work abounded.

There was Ariel Tissue, a Fire Hoop, Aerial on a Crane, and Welding Contortion among other wonderful acts.

Kim Nalley and her band played on stage in 4 separate sets, each one told a continuing story throughout the night. All of them dealt with fire arts during each set. Sound was not great, it’s a big warehouse and sound loves to bounce around in those places. Plus it’s hard to hear yourself when you are singing in a large venue that is not set up for sound.

Overall, very inspiring to see what happens when you think outside the box…