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Sammy Zone Bio

Sammy Zone (Samuel Lopez Jr.) was born and raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in New York City. Growing up, one of Sammy’s many talents was writing Graffiti which eventually led to his nickname “Zone”. As a young man he ventured out into many fields of entertainment including Djing and Break Dancing. But it was on one fateful afternoon when Sammy was walking down the street singing along to his walk-man that an A&R person from Atlantic records approached him. Over the years, Sammy has performed on stage singing and dancing all around the world. He has also danced for several freestyle groups and has worked with many of Freestyle’s successful artists, as well as some freestyles greatest producers. He’s written many of the songs we love and hear today. When Sammy decided to take some time off from music to start a family he found that the music kept calling him. Upon his comeback he built a professional relationship with one of freestyles greatest producers “Carlos After Dark Berrios” who has given new life to Sammy Zone. Together they have a single out titled “Carlos Berrios vs. Sammy Zone ‘Without You” Produced by Carlos Berrios, Executive Producer Fernando Torres and written by Sammy Zone, this song will bridge the long awaited gap that Freestyle has been waiting for!!