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Works in Process!!

Hey all, exciting things are going on in LCR world, and I just wanted to give an update. We have been so hard at work over the past few months, tackling lots of different pieces of the puzzle, and everything is coming together nicely and nearing completion! Our EP has been mastered (thank you Hank Williams..good luck at the Grammy's!!). We have shot 2 EPK's and saw some cuts a few days ago. We should be posting one (or both) of them within a week or two. Scheduling our photo shoot has been a challenge, but that has worked to our advantage because we think we have an opportunity to work with a photographer that we wouldn't in our wildest dreams ever think we would have been able to..So...Photos will come shortly!

January saw us play to a packed out All-ages show at the Rutledge. That will be something that we look into doing every few months. We had a blast, and we made a lot of new fans that night! (It was good for the club too!) We had a chance to reconnect with Kobalt Publishing at their writers night for the first time this year and it was great to see and hear everyone. Last night we played at The Flatrock Cafe for a Haiti Benifit show with several other artists that have ties in the Woodbine/Flatrock community. It was awesome as over $1000 was raised, which isn't bad for a place that doesn't seat that many people!

February has us doing a few acoustic sets, one at the new faces night at the legendary club, The Basement, which is a must-play stepping stone in this town...The other will be a full length acoustic show at Curb Cafe which will be a lot of fun. We normally don't mass invite people out to our acoustic appearances, because they are usually pretty short. However, this full length one will be a show you should definitely come experience..People love the band in this format, and it's a great opportunity to see LCR in a whole different light!

And finally, March has us playing the newly remodeled Hard Rock Cafe here in Nashville, as well as stretching our boundaries and getting out of town. Looks like we will be hitting up Atlanta for a few shows there.

In the meantime, we are carefully looking at our next steps, meeting with Lawyers, PRO's, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Booking Agents, and all types of people in the industry.

Thanks for standing as a fan/friend with us thru all this crazy maze. It means a lot to have your support. Come see us at a show and please make a point to personally come say hi to us. We love myspace/facebook friends, but we like real friends even better!