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An interesting opinion about musician's pay

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Erik E. Knudson Aug 4th 2012 concert review exerpts

"A curious audience attended the first concert in the area of singer/songwriter/guitarist Erik Knudson on Saturday night." "The show was a nice mix of covers of traditional artists (Big Bill Broonzy, Lightning Hopkins, Muddy Waters) and Knudson's own compositions that range in style from straight blues to what would be categorized as contemporary Americana music today. With a slight southern rock tinge to his voice, he managed to make the cover tunes his own rather than rely on a slavish mimicry of the originals." " The audience hung with him and stayed attentive until the final encore, an excellent version of Key to The Highway." " As a songwriter he tells stories of broken relationships, struggle and survival. He paints vivid portraits of the the lives of his characters with words. His guitar playing, which is firmly rooted in the Folk/Blues tradition, was at times purely sublime." "It was a very interesting glimpse into a multi talented artist with a deeply quiet soul that comes to life when delivered through six strings and a microphone" Mary Ann Brandon, Huerfano World Journal, La Veta CO. Aug 9th 2012