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If you are reading my blog posts at all, you can see that there have not been any for awhile. I have been busy working on some big new ideas, and if I can say anything at all about it the word would be proud. For 7 years I have written a new volume just about every year. I just love mashing noises together, and I call myself an artist. I call it an experiment, because sometimes things just fail to connect with anyone. The main reason behind it, I usually rush through the process. I have taken my time with the new volume, and I am now working on the lyrics for the first of many. This is the time of year when I usually get the most work done. So maybe soon you will all hear The Embrace of Technology.


There are new ideas in the works, and progress is going well. There are a lot of tools to use and make quick learning of. I have good reason to believe this next work will have better production values. But I am taking my time to embrace the moment. I get more than 6 hours of production time each week, and I have been making good use of that time. Working on the planning stages to perform on video, and get anyone who cares to see it a visual. Most of my spare time goes into working on current projects. Remastering the leftover back catalog continues as well. Thanks for anyone's continued interest. and be safe out there in the world.


Well, there is a hefty amount of new material in the works, and it just happens to be very interesting the way it is all taking shape. More complex yet simple, I am finding ways to blend and improve overall quality. And mixing the live instruments with the machines. I will continue to post updates, and new mixes of the back catalog soon, but for now the first five songs here, are set for fall.



You all and I both know, there is no such thing as a perfect world. This is why music, art, poetry, and literature come in. Who knows what paths I might take next. All done for the love of creation itself. Maybe I take my hobby a bit too far. It is meant to be a catharsis, as I have aged the way I compose has evolved. It has become a very solitary experiment. I wish I could find people with the right attitudes towards music. But I am not in a movie. Machines do what you tell them to do, and if you understand tone and rhythm you can create a world of music all on your own. Call this the rage against the dying of the light. There is more to me than music. There is more to music than me Open your eyes to the beauty around you And find a way to be forever free

Thank you to all who listen.


Taking steps into the art of 21st century recording. And an even bigger world has opened up. Soon the top 3 will be filled with some new mixes on some older experiments.


Progress on this new material is moving forward, but at a slower pace than before. Today I put some of the works in the top 5 that I am proud of. Patience will pay off when it reaches your ears. I am enjoying the process, and working on one track at a time. In the meantime feel free to find something you like from my playlist, and enjoy.


I am finally learning to be patient with my experiments. The last six months worth of rejections, do not derail anything. I have been influenced by all I hear, see and feel from music. A incredible amount from my best friend, whom no longer graces this planet. This next collection, will be dedicated to that friendship, and all the lessons learned about life in the process. Continued respect to any and all who listen.


As I embarked on this adventure of a sound artist, I try to embrace the approach of a tuned ear. Yes I have machines helping me do some heavy lifting. But the music does flow, even if the main idea stays at the same tempo, I use a different vibe with the drums. But sometimes...everything sounds the same. And you get stuck with patterns that do not come out as planned altogether. The newest release is one of those....but there will be more to come. Enjoy.


Welcome, one and all to a glorious new year. I have arranged the top 5 songs with the title track from each instrumental volume. There has been a whole lot of sharing going about, and we have reached over 9,000 views. Thank you all very much. New ideas are taking shape, and this might take a while....but I will have some new ideas posted soon.


I want to wish everyone peace through this Holiday Season. Sometimes when you travel to fast at the speed of life, you need to take a moment to slow down and just let it happen. I want to say thanks to all who have shared and retweeted our posts via #copromote I am currently in pre-production, and there is quite a bit of progress. I hope to have some live video to share soon.