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New song for Sat. 8-3-13

This weeks song is turning out to be quite a journey. What started as a simple opening theme has taken me in many directions. This is a special one here friends. I hope you will enjoy. When listening to my music, please listen through. I conceive these compositions as an overall musical and emotional statement. The way the song works within itself is a major part of my writing. Enjoy!

10:00pm July 20th is near!

Next song is almost finished. Working harder on perfecting a more complex drum kit on this one. The song is straight forward. Simple ABCAB song form with no development. Progressive jazz idiom. Seems like it will be a pleasant little chart.

Next Song

Just about finished with next song for 7-1-13 release. Once again a completely different musical direction.


Saturday, June 6th approaches. This weeks offering will be my take on the "House" genre of dance music. Hope all will be pleased! Listen Often!

This Saturday!

10:00pm Saturday night is approaching and that means a new song for the fans! Gonna post a song highlighting my piano playing. This one will be an artsy uptempo thing in 6/8. I will slow things down the week after with a trifle in an Irish genre. KEEP LISTENING and tell the world!


That you everyone for listening! Encouraging. One of my fans purchased a copy of IN THOUGHT! My first songwriting sale! Guess i'm a professional songwriter/performer/producer now. Share the song on your facebook page if you dare and spread the musical word. THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

Gospel singer

Working on a song and its time for vocals! I chose a pop genre for this composition and it has brought me to new and exciting musical considerations. Looking for a local female gospel singer for the lead vox. Anybody have ideas?


Thoughts of music consume all my waking hours. I am composing and recording everyday. I will post my next composition on Saturday the 18th. I have more fine tuning