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Shari Puorto Band / Blog

Notes for Notes 2014 at Lobero Theatre

Notes for Notes Benefit 2014 Seriously? Another amazing show brought to you by, Seymour Duncan and Notes for Notes. Notes for Notes® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE. I was honored to be a part of this amazing show (again) - last year in 2013, I performed with Slash, Jimmy Vivino, Don Felder, & Alan Parsons. What an event. But, this year we raised even more money for Notes for Notes....it's truly an amazing event. From the Staff at Notes for Notes, the Crew, the employees at Seymour Duncan, Seymour Duncan himself and the talent, it feels like a family event with all people pulling together for an amazing cause. It was an amazing night performing with Jimmy Vivino, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, and Rich Robinson (of Black Crowes). Singing on stage with each of these extremely talented musicians was an unforgettable night. I look forward to next year in 2015!

Shari Puorto Comes Home to CT for a performance 11/16/14

Shari performs in New Haven, CT - Shari's coming Home! New Haven Article OK, sometimes you have shows that are EPIC.....well, the show I recently had in New Haven on 11/16/14 was one of them. I couldn't have imagined the show to have gone better. I truly felt blessed and I know this sounds corny, but loved! Yes, I said it, Loved! I grew up in CT and have not had the opportunity till now to perform for my friends and family. The venue was packed with my childhood friends and family! I couldn't believe all the people who showed up. Most faces I recognized right away, but there were a few that made me take a step back to remember... I found it interesting how nervous I was just before I hit the stage. it's a whole different ball game when you are performing to people who know you (but know you not as a performer), as opposed to strangers or fans you've made along the road. I think I have a bunch of new fans on the East Coast now! yeah! I can't wait to do it again. We had such a great time and I can't Thank Mark Zaretsky, of the New Haven Register (and the Cobalt Rhythm Kings) for getting me on the Cover of the Entertainment section of the New Haven register. Great write-up! The band kicked serious ass! The band consisted of the amazing Andy Aledort on guitar and vocals, Dennis Metzler on bass, Shawn Murray on drums, Will Hitchcock on Keys, Jim Pino Jr on Sax and harmonica and me! It felt as though we picked up where we left off when we all hit the stage and started playing. Even though we never performed together before....Well, sort of. I did play one song with Andy about 5 years ago when I opened for Dickey Betts in California. Andy was and still is performing with Dickey Betts and Great Southern. What a great performer. Again, it was a truly memorable night and I can't wait to go back! See you again soon East Coast!

Women in the Blues as seen in Blues-E-News

written by, Shari Puorto March 2014

When u think of The Blues and where it all began and with whom, who do you think of? Robert Johnson (born 1911)? Lightning Hopkins (born 1912)? Howlin Wolf (born 1910)? Muddy Waters (born 1913)? Well, what about the women who were also pioneers during this time and who continue to influence women today? What about Ma Rainey (born 1886), Bessie Smith (born 1894), Ethel Waters (born 1896), Memphis Minnie (born in 1897), Mammie Smith (the first black woman to record the blues), Big Mamma Thornton (born 1926); and all the other female performers. Instrumental in spreading the popularity of the blues, these women paved the way for women like me.

Can you image how difficult it was for them to make a mark in the early 1900's? Not only because of their race but they were women! Women working late hours in bars, playing guitar, singing strong, standing tall and proud for what drove them. They didn't ignore the passion deep within their souls, no matter what the public thought! Music moved them to do something women were not thought of doing at that time. And eventually it moved everyone too! I am so proud of these women and proud to be giving them props as I write on 'woman's day'. They deserve our time and recognition.

I can speak from experience as I'm a singer/songwriter and performer in this genre. Now, I'm not a traditional blues artist; I would consider myself a Blues/ Rock artist. But nonetheless, I am absolutely influenced by these woman (and others). I learned a lot from these ladies by paying attention to their majestic phrasing to their guttural voices and how they softly they pulled me, then spit me out with a vengeance! Meanwhile always knowing when I listened, they weren’t afraid to take chances. I’m sure other female artists have been influenced by these ladies too. Like some of my favorite female musicians: Bonnie Raitt, Barbara Morrison, Bonnie Bramlett, Eva Cassidy, Pat Benetar, Chrissy Hein, Susan Tedeschi, and the many other influential women still doin it strong (so many, too many to list)!

However, one woman stands alone and one who has always influenced me from a little girl, is Etta James. From her floor pounding aggressive vocal execution to her captivating tone and strength! Wow. Blows me away every time I listen to her. I found myself very emotional the day she passed (and I never met her!). I studied her and listened to her sing, I could feel her passion, her drive, her pain, her beauty.

Let's pick up our glass and toast these early woman Blues artists who stood strong and helped us see our potential thru what they accomplished.

I hope to continue performing and letting my soul shine (as Greg Allman says), and I can only hope I influence and effect some other young singer that might see me perform. I hope my performance will allow them to feel something deep within their soul they never knew existed (as I felt when I listened to Etta James, and of course, Aretha Franklin). Well, that's my two cents. Thanks for reading and see you at a show! Shari Puorto, Los Angeles singer/songwriter/performer. www.BluesRockMusic.com

Redondo Beach 7/4/13 Fireworks Shines As Does Singer Shari Puorto, By pubclub

Redondo Beach 4th Of July Fireworks Shines As Does Singer Shari Puorto July 6, 2013 By pubclub Hearing A Blues But Not Feeling The Blues With Seaside Lagoon’s Headliner Redondo Beach fireworks band Shari Puorto

The Shari Puorto band provided musical fireworks at the RB 4th of July party.

The fireworks rattled the sky, the flares shining brightly through the overcast conditions, and the band played on, into the night.

And the beer flowed freely and often, the drinkers being able to enjoy their cold beverages in the open without worry of a citation, as happened to a few unfortunate (and careless) souls a mile to the north in Hermosa Beach.

Seaside Lagoon in 2013 once again proved to be the best place to see the Redondo Beach 4th of July fireworks show up close, and it provided spectacular entertainment. But the entertainment I liked the best took place before and after the fireworks, and that was the music of the Shari Puroto Band.

While she looked fetching in a low-cut, full-length, brightly colored retro-style dress, one thing overcame all other factors: The gal can sing!

Shari “El” Puorto, as I call her in a nod to the North Manhattan Beach neighborhood, has a rapsy, Janis Joplin-type of voice and a range that hits all the notes, from low to fist-pumping high. She combines originals with covers, all with a bluesy tone.

What the girl is doing singing in Redondo Beach on the 4th of July instead of, say, New York City, Philadelphia or the National Mall in Washington, D.C., I can’t really say for sure, but I was sure glad I got to hear her.

On this night, she was backed by an incredible band that brought out the best in everyone. Johnny Hawthorn, Frank Scarpelli, Jimmy Vivino, Mike Lopez and Jon Greathouse.

The entire Shari Puorto Band rocks Seaside Lagoon on the 4th.

Shari “El” Puorto is colorful in both her dress and mannerisms. [pic]

Shari Puroto shows nifty footwork not to know over the Blogger’s Budweiser.[pic]

Before taking the stage, Shari enjoys a beer with friend Paul Lennon.

It was the type of entertainment that had me headed back to the Budwieser stand every few minutes for more beer, because it with this kind of performance the beer was going down far smoother than any of my pickup lines during the day. And this was at the end of the 4th of July, where I had a few beers earlier at house parties in the aforementioned Hermosa Beach.

Fortunately, the Shari Puorto Band plays at more places than the Redondo Beach fireworks. They play all up and down the California coast, in fact, including the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, one of LA’s famous bars. Here’s where to find the band’s next gig: www.bluesrockmusic.com.

Telecaster.com write up 2013


The Shari Puorto Band Just got back from The Placerville Brewfest just east of Sacramento, California. Like many other places in the states it was downright hot up there. I warmed up for the fest by taking a roadtrip to little towns like Fiddletown, Volcano and Sutter Creek. Built up a good thirst there. I saw the temperature dip below 100 degrees once when we were at higher altitude in the trees.

The last couple of years I have seen Mark Hummel and Steve Freund Bands up there and this year was Shari Puorto with her blues band including Johnny Hawthorn on guitar. This band rocked it for several hours.

They didn't play a whole bunch of slowed down steamy blues even though Shari has that soulful voice of hers. There was some but most of the night it was fun, up tempo, hard driving blues to jump around with. They did their own music with Shari's charged voice belting out the blues. Johnny's guitar augmented the sound with sometimes edgy riffs and subtle blues notes filling the warm evening air. It was hot. The night was, the band was and Shari was.

They covered some music, even threw in some ZZ Top wonderfully, and had the crowd in the streets jumping up and down and dancing on the pavement. Shari was dancing in her leopard high heels and tight summer red dress and Johnny was wailing on a couple of guitars.

Johnny had one custom Cabronita style Tele with Filtertrons and a contour body that sounded righteous all night long. He also had an Asher Tele style, which I have never seen, and it was light as a feather. Johnny was gracious enough to talk to me about the guitars and even let me pick them up and try a couple of quick riffs on them. Totally cool man. I asked him if the Asher was chambered and it isn't and it's very light. Sounded great also. He played them through a miked up Carr amp and a TubeScreamer and a prototype distortion pedal. Awesome stuff.

The band was tight, the drummer never missed a beat and mashed them mostly up tempo all night. The bass player was right there with them. Although these two never sought out the limelight the base of the music was through them and they succeeded.

Shari's hard driving singing led them all and her dancing and gyrating kept many oglers happy.

All in all they were a fun band to go and see and they had the crowd jumping on a fun Saturday night in Hangtown. That's all I got.

Performance recap, Shari Puorto Band with Walter Trout

Thanks so much for coming out to our show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA. on December 2, 2010. We had a great time performing and what a great time it was to perform right before Walter Trout and his band.

His band was great fun and performed top-notch! I love those guys as they are truly 'real' and they rock hard!

thanks again for coming out and supporting us and live music.


Shari Puorto on America's Blues News by Casey Reagan

Shari Puorto Experience * October 1, 2010 written by, Casey Reagan For: American Blues News All Rights Reserved 2010 - cut short due to max reached per this blog.

My ears are still ringing from the show last night. Johnny Winter continues to hold his place on my 'Bad Ass Guitar Players' list after treating us to a scorching set of some of my /all/ time favorite jams. Johnny Winter is a living legend and there's nothing I can say about him that hasn't already been said so I'm not even going to try. Instead I'm going to tell you about someone else, Her name is Shari Puorto and she was on the bill with Johnny last night and she ROCKED the house! You've heard me talk about Shari before in a different articles, but today I'll focus my attention directly on this rockin little lady and give everyone a bit of insight about Shari Puorto the solo artist.

Shari was born in Southern California but grew up on the East Coast (Connecticut) where most of her early influences were developed and nurtured. She still remembers fondly her time back east and kindles long time friendships and memories from her days there while now residing back here in So Cal. Influenced by a wide variety of performers from as many different genere's, Shari's strong vocal delivery reflects many of those styles while still being as one of a kind and unique as they come. I left my comparison chart in my other suit so this time there will be no 'she sounds like' or 'has the style of' or any other comparisons to other artists. If you'd like to hear her sing and draw your own comparisons, feel free: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_3051906

There is no shame in being or sounding like Shari Puorto evidenced by the company she keeps on stage, she is a world class vocalist with a voice like no other and as far as I'm concerned, other artists should be compared to her, not the other way around. Before her set Shari told me: "Just being on the bill with Johnny is a real honor", then went on to say, "This crowd is in for a real treat". The latter being quite a prophetic statement; from her opening number, "Hound Dog" thru to the end of her set Shari got everyone to stand up and take notice (Not to mention all the dancing goin on) at how she's been refining her style and all of us were impressed. Never being short on charisma or style, Shari always has a way of bringing an audience closer to the music she sings. Most people I talk to say she sings from the heart and with passion. I have to agree but I call it soul. I'm not exactly sure how she does it or if there's a formula she uses to convey that feeling but it was palpable this night. The room was energized and Shari was right on the money with a fantastic selection of songs and a performance that would make her mom proud and, in my case, it will carry me through to the next gig.

She played songs from her last cd, 'Down the Road' and some new stuff too. I dig all of it but must say the new material really hits a chord with me. I haven't bought the new disc (titled) 'Real' yet, but you can bet I will as soon as it hits the stores. Songs like "Pack Your Bags" bring SP's sound to a new level, she sings the blues like she means it and that is no small task for anyone. In this business being a female blues singer means you need to have an original sound. Take Aretha Frankin for instance, a lot of female singers can sing her songs but NOBODY sings R-E-S-P-E-C-T like Aretha does. Likewise Shari Puorto, I haven't found this much soul in a white chick since ...well, ever.

Until then, take 'er easy! Shari, you rock! Thanks for the ride!

Shari Puorto Band with Johnny Winter 9/27/10

Come on out on Sept 27th at 8pm to witness some amazing music. Shari Puorto band hitting the stage at 9pm and Johnny Winter hitting the stage right after. Tickets are, $30 and can be purchased now at, www.BluesRockMusic.com.

Where: BriXton on the Redondo Beach Pier Redondo Beach, CA USA

When: Sept 27th (Fri)

Who: Shari Puorto Band Johnny Winter

See more information about Shari Puorto and her band at, www.BluesRockMusic.com

See you at the show.