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Absolute Nonsense

Absolute nonsense.

What appears hidden in plain sight is never why or where it was intended to be seen or observed. Things that begin as potential prose dissolve at times: but I almost digress into the verse. I am not comforatble: this is vital. It is vital to to exist/engage danger(in my case, this danger exists in the promise of my career in music..and…well, what else can I do)?

I realize I set the mines in my band's potential B.S. minefield with no desire to do so…it has all, somehow, been for some yet-to-be-seen reason. We began, from the absolute first instant of this project to make music that existed as something deliberately "different", but accessible nonetheless (as far as the quantity of "access&interaction)"

From absolute "music biz" limbo, --NGP

An analogue? (log) answer to the digital query...perhaps.

The analog? (analogue?) answer/explanation/mid-point to the digital revolution:

We are very much, as a band, a 21-st century, Hyper-modern, digital group of minds.

That being said: we began creating music on very rudimentary, analog equipment…and it permitted so little in the way of editing and required far too much money for "HIgh School" kids to create proper recordings. We did, however, own and know a lot about computer…we built our own from the outset.

As a result of being at the impetus of proper recording tech. available on a computer: it was even slower than working on tape..but it was free aside from buying the parts for the computer and maybe some software (unless we were using freeware [bless you, creators of freeware and current open-source contributors!!])

We developed an aesthetic that made us proper, well-learned musicians/performers, whilst utilizing every new development that came about. We never got lazy and have never auto-tuned. We never used "tricks" to make the songs and performances more than what we intended…of this we are proud, as our upcoming recordings were all played live, as a band.

We feel this to be a merger of modern technology and an older, and sometimes eschewed way of making music: a Human experience best done with other Humans.

Hope this makes sense. Cheers, --Nick

Making an ass of myself, as is regular and necessary

I am disheartened, but personally encouraged re: the music from those who are "successful" i our "genre" (both things I can't really define). I say this with the most objectivity possible: most music that has a large audience FUCKING SUCKS: it is derivative directly: not something with loads of influence filtered through a band or songwriter...just hacks taking advantage of old sounds that people don't know because they are not students of music. I feel I speak with some authority, but this is just my opinion: which I am more than happy to justify...really...contact me...I welcome you. As the frontman and initial founder of Trichotillomania (the band, not the disorder)...I take the heat and often bring it upon myself (doing it as I type, methinks). I just, I suppose, hope that people hold art to higher standards than they used to. It, unfortunately seems to be an ebb and flow and not a direct evolution. "Bless" all of you for making music...but; really...the most "popular" in our milieu (not genre, necessarily) are passable, but absolute rip-off "artistes" and may not even know it due to their "youth" as musicians. I point no fingers, and poke nobody in the chest; I simply make an observation that us "musos" MUST strive, for the sake of our craft, for that which has NOT yet been done. I now retire. Please study older music (I hear too many channellng Roxy Music and The Cure (both bands are quite good at being themselves: be something different...please!! For the sake of why you started making music...I implore you..please stretch your proverbial legs and explore your capacities. --Nicholas Gerald Peterson, Trichotillomania

amplify thyself : transhumanism.


Am I a music/societal snob?

We, was Trichotillomania, exist as he over-educated bastard children of the best music of the last 20+ years + an education & comprehension (on all 3 parts) of music (not exclusively INCLUSIVE of western ideas and timing [we've no loyalties] and/or any need/idea of genre or a need to "belong" to genre or set.) We make the music that comes out of us at the time; with a many year experience as musicians, it becomes far easier tO express emotion COMBINED with technical acuity……I am damned proud to be playing with Benny and Sam..we've Created something that is unique and that I will defend as ART (yeah!, I said it, TRY TO DISPUTE MY STATEMENT [it'd be good practice at least if disingenous ….just make it clear you are supportive, but critical (which you should always be to a degree)…; Bottom line: I can ht you hard enough to end your life: I'd rather not ever let this happen…especially out of anger: I'd be pleased to maim someone who was simply three to be "a point of contention". I have little control of my anger after a certain point…..I hope nobody gets in my face about the name of our band being derogatory (you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, Moron)..maybe I'lll loose your name (in a few years) and info to the public. I exist to create and likely destroy some things as well…..but mostly to create. …but…PLEASE get IN MY FACE! It'd be nice practice to intellectually spar with anyone on any issue of import. I LOVE a good debate as long as it remains intelligent: where hands can be shaken at the end and mutual admiration exists between me and XY and/or Z. It is ALL (save for a few) in the one interest of spawning ideas amongst people at large… Going to sleep now, Cheers and Goodnight, --Nick-Gerald Peterson, Trichotillomania

Thoughts on a record I heard.

Trichotillomania, the ensemble composed of, at the moment (and I think the 3 now will likely remain and others will come and go) 3 multi-instrumentalists and vocalists..We all agreed that we felt Depeche Mode to be a good band (no, a GREAT band..alone, as in on 'Violator' or via their influence on a guy named Trent Reznor [I have alway felt that if early Depeche Mode had not occurred, there simply wouldn't have been a musical vocabulary for Trent to use to communicate "Pretty Hate Machine" and his subsequent record (as usual I digress) but as a truly innovative creative force: ...we all agreed that we thought they had reached their apex and were on the down-slope (really, after being an internationally appreciated band for as long as they have...I can't imagine they made the last few records, at least, 'for the money' [which starts to make me see why/how "Delta Machine" is amazing: the songwriting is uncompromising and utterly majestic..I am no slouch in understanding/digesting a new piece of music, but this is something special.) , just being a very experienced band and creating music that was good and distinctive in their sound////: Delta Machine simply proves how incredibly good Depeche Mode is at this point...we agreed that "Delta Machine" and "The Next Day" are likely the best records to expect within this year...which already makes this a better year for really good music than we've had for a BLOODY long time; and it is about time.

Some more complaints: as expected

Flummoxed I am; life I don't quite understand: I try to be an optimistic fellow about things…people, though, make this an impossibility due to their relative ignorance..I want nothing more than some freedom of expression (screaming children are bloody-well expressing themselves daily; therefore I WILL express myself as a professional musician in the same manner during the same hours: If you do't bother to disciple your kids: You'll perhaps think twice after 10 (or if I put both on) 20,0000 watts actually sound like. If THEY are annoyed by idiot-douche with 6,000 watts of sub-bass in his trunk (anybody that know squat knows that anything above 100 watts is too much and non-directional: to the Human ear) IF YOU KNEW anything about sound…you'd position satellites around the vehicle instead of 6 G's worth of non-directional-above100-watts (READ A BOOK!!!!) in your stupid-ass car(which 9/10 looks like garbage. Grow some bloody taste. --NGP

Changes and more changes...and some more changes...etc. ad infintum

IN periods of flux; whether "Global" or more personal…one seeks solace in unconventional modalities. If one know of the emotive qualities of the "modes/scales" in the Greek musical radiation (Aeolian, Lydian, Mixolyidian (I admit, I don't recall every detail, as songwriting from correct, and hopefully pure emotion has been "the goal" for me for many years [upping the 'ante', as of late, for music as proper "High Art"…this is what I hope for some comprehension of.) I wish to say that it is, BY DEFINITION, the role of the artist to ONLY complete HALF of "the job"…. The audience has as much "responsibility" for reception and interpretation as I do for creating something that is mis-interpreted by th audience (their job, therefore, it is NOT MY INTENTION, however IT IS not NOT NOT-T-T MISINTERPRETATION!!!! Art is to be functioaln to a people! Art is to be a tool to is audience.. My Utterly Genuine Thanks to ANYONE who reads this: if you disagree: tell me how and why….that is why tho technology exists: let us NOT squander its potential as a peacemaker as opposed t something that create ever more distance. ---NGP

I Can't Not at least RISK putting My Foot In My Mouth Daily.

It has been a pervasive theme in my life, over time, to be forced to examine the various processes of "change" at work on the various, internally compartmentalized (we're people, and we can't help it), parts or "divisions in my live and their interstitial contents". Direct personal experience of late triggers such thoughts, but you are not privy to that, nor could I make EVERYONE (I hope) understand from a specific, but common point of view/situational position of awareness.

I realize that we deform ourselves out of our natural positions for a number of reasons. We deform ourselves for money and status..for the sake of personal relationships or the guilt and/or shame we feel others may feel if one simply decides, rationally, that..well, to use the cliche: "A Tigers' Got Stripes"; there is no changing such a fact; which brings me back to where I was, 10-15 years ago, after first reading Kant, Nietzsche,and distilling that with what my rebellious teenage mind devoured and auto-armored about Anton LaVey's basic "World-view"…it still is a significant part of how I conduct myself in public as I am, by my own auto-deformation, the world amongst the proverbial sheep: my head on a swivel..ready to react to anything. NOTE that hits is not an arrogance: it is an admission of a weakness born of being picked on far too much when I was very young and simply having developed avery serious wariness of the "Average Human" as per my negative experiences with those who were simply kids themselves, …surely in some cases acting out their own issues by beating me up (because I was white….the only white kid in a P.E. class of nothing but testosterone-driven, mostly wanna-be gangsters who saw a skinny, weak white-kid with no friends. Let us just say it was a feeding frenzy. THIS is why I am irritated when people claim a White person in the U.S. can't know racism, as such. BULL! After what I've experienced….I know it better than the average "minority". I put that in quotes as what is traditionally defined as a "minority" is simply no longer the proper usage: it is a misnomer. Let me explain: I am of, as far back as the mid 17th century (as far as I have gone back) my genetic lineage is exclusively one of North-Western European extraction. Let me also say that, as has been somewhat joked-about in the media….we are approaching an age of multiple singularities. We, at some point: I hope during my lifetime…"race" will come OUT of the equation because MOST people will not have the physical, visual differentiation that has created racism and subjugation in our race's (there IS only one that I speak of…the Human race) history. NOW ..BIG NOW..this being said: When color wasn't easy enough, creed, religion, the way you wash, what you eat, the language you speak…who your dentist is, if you use a mac or PC….THESE could ALL become class barriers. I KNOW that it sounds a bit ridiculous; but ..if you know anything about World History..: there have ben numerous accounts of a group "taking control" of another based on nothing other than "[(an invented supremacy]" [Copyright Adfabre Publishing, L.L.C., 2013] more important than that which was just mentioned (I won't spoon-feed you this: you SHOULD know where to start..come on, you are resourceful as hell just by having internet access…wikipedia has everything on this issue/point of view if you stretch your mend a touch). Will we need to abandon the vestiges of the past as in our "ethnicities"..or rather the aspects of them that create a non-productive Xenophobia: I hope so….I hope I live to see integration of ALL the knowledge we have to create more than knowledge: WISDOM….knowledge coupled with it's wiser, older Uncle…Reason and a sense of time and the effects of those to come. Hope everyone is well…(Listen to Analogue Bubblebath whist reading this.I know it is kinda rough, but in the hopes it'd get you all to really listen this time…., Cheers, --NGP

How Far We Go?

We are in the starting phases of a Revolution that cannot be avoided due to, at its root, commerce. There are other extremely important contributing factors, however THIS is not a Revolution of (initially) violence or of one part/party/ideal against another prevailing paradigm.

What we are about to face, within 10 years, will be a Revolution, unstoppable and exponential, or a new kind of connectivity between the whole of Humanity and likely, shortly thereafter, beyond that which we now refer to as "Human" (this can take many forms: it can be a reference to the inevitability of Trans-humanism…it can refer to us being able to communicate with other intelligent terrestrial species: OR, it can mean that First Contact with E.T. will be achieved through the significance and rate of development of Worldly technologies in every venue/field/area of everyday life. I think another question pops up that is even more important: As a species, can we HANDLE it? Can the average person NOT go absolutely insane with instantaneous (as in at a thought) access to any piece of information available online? Personally..I KNOW that it'd be a very slippery slope for me: I'd look up everything and anything ALL of the time…I already have my head packed with scads of completely useless/impractical facts and information: this would ONLY serve to make me harder to be around (ask any of my friends…actually: you are not welcome to…, but you get the point). If the AVERAGE person (as statistics quantify as a factual likelihood simply due to the math; not to mention MY and [I'd hope] every person who owns an intellect out there realizes) is as stupid and uninformed BY CHOICE AS MUCH AS DESIGN: there is no hope. I temper this with a healthy dose of my own paranoid thoughts about potential futures/what is happening NOW that is leading us into a potential proverbial bear-trap. I know/feel that our future is potentially a beautiful and brilliant one, but if we don't ask these questions it stands no chance. Ask every question. THIS is, indeed, an area where there is truly NO stupid question as "all is up in the air". --Nick-Gerald Peterson