NAMM - West Coast Tour a Sucess!

We just wanted to let everyone know that Messer had an amazing time touring to the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. Along the way we got to play with Jason McMaster from Dangerous Toys/Broken Teeth in San Angelo, Tx. Got to have a home cooked meal and a bed after playing El Paso, TX spent an amazing time in Arizona and kicked ass old school style on the Sunset Strip performing at The Kat Club. Some highlights also included hangin' with Chris Jericho at The Rainbow, meeting countless celebs at NAMM, picking up new endorsements, have two great days signing at The Rock n' Roll Gangstar Booth, and gaining new fans in Oceanside, CA like Munson Keef and company. The greatest moment was hanging with the legendary producer and song writer Chad Gendason. He saw our show, put us up for a few days in his studio, critiqued our music, set and gave us new inspiration to write our new song "Simple Man" (check the reviews) We are proud to debut it here out of Dallas and our goals now are to secure investors and funding to do the album. Anyone have $100,000 to spare? Pretty cheap for the quality that comes out of Silverlake Studios, CA. Just give us a ring if ya have that kind of money to lend. It will be a pretty fast turnaround :)

MESSER to play BASEMENT REUNION 2!!!!!!!!!

Well, we are proud to announce that we are going to be main support for the "Secret" headliner for the 2010 Basement Reunion Show 2. Lakewood Theater in Dallas, Texas is going to be off the hook for a tribute to one of Dallas's greatest rock bars that has been closed since the late 90's but lives on in some of the great bands that came out of there like Pantera to name one. Tickets are $20-$30 and will sell out quick since the Dallas Guitar Show is in town that weekend, there will no doubt be some familiar faces in the crowd. Hope to see ya there! ~MESSER~

MESSER in the studio!

Well, first off we'd like to thank everyone that came out to our 5th show ever in under 6 months. We drew over 150 people and blew our merch booth up! We wanted to thank everyone that came out to The Curtain Club and especially everyone that bought merch. With that money we had the opportunity to get straight into the studio and record one song with the legendary Paul "Pappy" Middleton at Palmyra Studios in Palmer Texas. Anyone wanting to check it out can hit him up at www.palmyrastudios.com It's an AMAZING place to record and Pappy is a pleasure to be around and adds his great stories to the ambiance of the tranquil and chill vibe atmosphere. We can't wait to hear the final product. Keep Poster Messerheads! ~MESSER~

MESSER opening for GEORGE LYNCH, Dallas, TX

Hey people we just got some great news. We are going to be main support for the legendary guitarist George Lynch of Dokken and Souls of We fame. We hope to see you there this Thursday, March 18th, 2010. Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door. Now that's a low dough price. We'll have our new merch for sale and may just debut our single we just cut at Palmyra Studios in Palmer Texas yesterday. See ya then, ~MESSER~

MESSER Merch Now Available!

We are in the process of creating our online Reverbnation Merch Store. Until we get that up and running please visit our Official Merch (created by us and shipped by us) at www.myspace.com/MesserRock thanks, ~MESSER~