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Are You Search Engine Optimized

After some consideration, you’ve decided to add your site to the millions of others on the World Wide Web. You’ve designed your site, you’ve put your music and videos up, and choose that perfect profile picture. Then you wait, and wait, and wait for people to flock to your page. Sound about right? Thought it might.

Well here’s the question: What have you been doing to get people there? Now, quite a few people will say that they are working night and day to generate links, backlinks, etc., etc. That’s all fine, but quite a few of you are missing the main ingredient – enhancing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For those of you who are either unaware or unsure of the term SEO, it is the process one uses to increase traffic to their site by placing high (generally the first page) in search engine results. Search engines send out what they call “robots” to pick up specific information called Meta tags from websites on the web. These robots are looking for a clearly defined Title, Meta description, and Meta keywords. They also look for how well your site links to other relevant sites. Sound confusing? Okay, I’ll try to break things down.

1. Title

A search engine robot has to first be able to find and identify you. It looks for the html code – which is simply the name of your web page. This is actually what will appear in the browser bar, and is used for the text in your listings. So, let’s say the name of your website is XYZ Music. You would simply enter the following code to identify yourself to the search engine robots (please note that all of your Meta tags should be placed in between the and codes.) This information should be placed in the header section of your web page. You also want to make sure that your title is short, simple, memorable, and to the point. The optimal length of your title should be between 10 and 150 characters long. Your coding should look like this:

XYZ Music

2. Meta Description

Now you are ready to let the whole world know a little bit about who you are, and what you do. Your Meta description, is what defines your purpose; or more precisely, it is a summary of the content of your page, and what your site is about. When you write a Meta description tag, you should limit it to 170 characters or 200 characters at most. You should also make sure that your name is included in the description. An example would be, . Your coding should now look like this:

XYZ Music

3. Meta keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that people use while searching on the net. For an example, when someone types in the words upscale children’s apparel, all of the sites that fit this description will appear. When choosing your keywords you want to make sure that these words are included in your description and on the first half of your page as well. Robots/crawlers do not generally search an entire page. Your keyword tag, , should be between 50 and 250 characters, and separated by commas. Do not repeat words or phrases. You also want to place your most relevant words or phrases first. You want to make sure to choose words that are not used too frequently, but are not obscure. For an example, if I simply use jazz as a keyword, I would more than likely place low as far as page rank. But by using the phrase smooth jazz artist I am increasing my odds of being placed higher in the search engines. An example for XYZ Music would be:

XYZ Music

Hope this information is helpful. Keep in mind that you will also need to link to sites that are relevant to your content. Also, getting placed in relevant directories, and writing blogs on social networks you have joined and other sites is key. My next article will be on how to generate relevant links to your website. Until then, good luck.

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