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City To City

have shows coming up :) more shows to be posted.already have dates in March and April.In a city near you. . . keep checking back

summer in the city

yep - it's that time again :) sunshine, sweat, short(er) skirts, sand, sippin on margaritas.....the list goes on. for some of us anyway. the rest of us will be working half the night during the busy concert season, and spending the rest of the day in the studio trying to finish up the stuff we started last winter! Me - i'm tryin to find a good balance between making music; music marketing; marriage management and living life.. somebody once said it's a filthy job, but...... anyway - all new releases are on hold while we work up some sales numbers (downloads and CD's) for an as-yet-to-be-named company that's showing the music some love :) so jump to http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/daryl-strodes/id344737527 and get yours while it's hot! and keep an 'I' out for us at venues across the US beginning mid-summer through late fall; then we'll be hitting Eastern Europe for a slate of shows before coming back to (ugh) the beginning of winter :( so enjoy the heat while we can - it'll be gone before we know it!! Bless;D


getting settled back in the apple. finally got the studio up and running-now waiting on new studio furniture to arrive!~? why is moving never smooth? the best laid plans....... also lookin like there will be some major news coming soon. got hooked up w/ new management company TMG - shout to Janine and Warner!! so things are starting to gel. hasn't been easy being gone in asia for so long and getting comfy back home. out of sight out of mind is a very true statement!! still have some hella tracks about to explode-will keep everyone posted. in the meantime-check my production on basement grinds prod. 1st release - love's maze. avail. on cd baby/etc... peace d

Sole Channel Music-NY

Hung out w/Mr. V and creme-de-la-creme NY engineer Alberto yesterday in Sole Channel's Staten Island studios while they worked a bangin Soulful House remix of 1 of Musiq Soulchild's releases. Keep an eye out for that soon - it'll be hitting the clubs post haste!! and while ur on the lookout - I'll be doing a Soulful House version of Love When You Need It soon w/Mr. V and the Sole Channel peeps - should be big fun, and I know it'll be bangin!! want to hit the clubs w/it by late spring/early summer, so hang tight!! downside is got a nasty head cold and can't taste, smell, or hear the sights, sounds and tastes of the Apple today :( guess i'll get a glass of Grand Marnier and chill until.... Peace D

Big Ups!!

Many Thanx and Big Upps to all of our new fans (and to the ones who continue to support!!!). We're gearing up for what looks to be a hella spring/summer w/a boat-load of new releases, collabs, touring, and we're getting set-up for some bangin' giveaways!!! As mentioned b4 - stay on the lookout for Sole Channel Music releases and SoWhat Records releases,PLUS a Neo-Soul collab EP w/Mr. Bill Heid!! Also, the follow-up to HONEY is on it's way, along w/a couple of videos (Non-Stop/Honey Mashup vid!! and And Over and Over vid for the lovely ladies!!).Also in the midst of signing a new mngmnt deal, along w/ a distribution deal so we can bring the music to EVERYBODY easily!!! Much Love; D

April Fooled!!

Sup!! April fools day once again, and damn if i didn't get fooled again - into thinking it was gonna be a nice warm sunny spring day - just in time for us to move into our new home!! But - old man winter had a suprise for us - 2 more weeks of winter!? forecast looks grim, but that just means more quality time indoors - and more time in the studio cranking out tracks!! We're in the final mixing stages (and video) for Smash hit Honey follow-up Non-Stop, once again feat. Delroy Clarke on a bangin flow, and mixing touches by Patrick Smith of SOHS Studios, so keep an ear out. Soon Come, Man!! Met some good peeps yesterday in NYC - Nightlife Productions - Shout out to Bernadette and the Crew there!! Look forward to doing some work together soon!! That's it for now- stay warm til the sun comes up again. Bless; D


Well, just got married - relocated to NY, and moving into a new place tomorrow. helluva week - and STILL waiting for spring!! :( got two new bangin tracks coming soon - Love When Remix w/Rony Breaker and Hennings Project (Sole Channel Music-NY) and Can't Wait w/Hennings Peoject (SoWhat Records - Tel-Aviv) so keep an ear out. Also, in addition to everything else, signing a new mngmnt deal AND distribution deal next week!! Have alot of new music on the horizon - Reggae; Neo-Soul; Club tracks; and a couple of collabs. Will keep you posted!! Hope everyone's having a blessed and productive one. Peace n Luv D

2101 C Ya's!!!

While we're all getting ready for the holidays, and looking forward to starting out 2011 - I'm gonna share some of the things (good AND bad) that I experienced during 2010!! And I hope everyone who reads this blog does the same-I KNOW there are some interesting things out there that went down this year ;) 1st thing - the loss of my Father is foremost in my thoughts and heart. He was (still is) a great man and an inspiration to me and many others, and may he Rest In Peace... Also, the loss of a great friend and vocalist Jacqui Staton (aka Suga Mama), who for alot of us was the epitome of what a friend and performer should be. Rest In Peace Mama. On the up side of things, I'm looking forward to getting married early next year, as I was lucky enough to find the woman of my dreams and begin a life together.. YAY!! After that, everything else seems to pale in comparison, but I'll list them anyway :) I did a boat-load of shows and touring this year, including a stadium show in Hangzhou w/a couple of great DJ's (Just Paul and Caution!!); a stint in Beijing and Hangzhou with a couple of great bands; shows in Xiamen (anyone who walks down the street and sees a bigger-than-life poster/ad of themselves will understand how weird/uncomfortable-yet satisfying that can be!!!) and other places in and around China!! Spent some time in Poland w/my fiance-had a great recording session w/musos there (tracks will be released in Spring 2011 - so keep an ear out!).. Performed and recorded with Mr. Bill Heid, one of the premier jazz organists/pianists of our generation (check him out, peeps!!); and had some great shows with other musos too numerous to mention in this blog. I'll cover those soon in upcoming blogs fo sho! Had three great photo shoots with great photogs (Anna Bloda - luv ya; Szincza - many thanks; and Daniel Sulek - great to work with you!); a couple of radio interviews (Big-Ups to Clinton Lindsay and Rula Brown) and to top it off.....(drum roll, please) a Top 25 Reggae Hit in my collab w/Tony Smith----HONEY!!. The tune spent 12 weeks on the charts; garnered alot of new fans and opened up alot of new doors; we're mixing the follow-up now so keep track of my site for updates. Also, I've posted a couple of remixes (to be released on my remix EP coming Jan 2011), and a Neo-Soul joint (release date also Jan 2011 as a single). I also have a new (re-do) 5 song EP coming out any day now featuring original versions of And Over and Over and Physical Thing along with 3 other tracks for Soul/R&B lovers... Alot of new releases coming your way in 2011, including a few Blues tracks and a few collabs. Looking forward to sharing and hearing!! Peace n Luv D

New NEWS!!

1st off, gotta announce that 'HONEY' is on the NY Reggae Charts-entered at #27 it's first week on!! Hopefully it'll climb to the mountain-top :) Once again we want to express our gratitude to all the peeps who have and continue to support us and our music - u know who u are!! Next up-leaving China (again) for Europe for a bit, then back hooooommmmeeeee!!. Big-ups to all the musos and fans and friends I've had the pleasure of performing/recording with and for; and to the new folks I've met. hope we cross paths again real soon. Which brings me to the next ting - just posted a new Remix - Physical Thing by Hennings Project (slammin remix again from the boys in Budapest!! - much luv) right here on my Reverbnation Page so check it awwwt!! While I'm in Europe I'll be heading to Budapest to do some brand new tracks with these boys, so look out for it. last but not the least, the new Ne0-Soul joint is being mixed as we speak; along with the Reggae follow up to 'Honey' so keep ur ears tuned. Peace d


First I wanna give thnx for all the support that allowed me to maintain the NO 1 spot in the burg for (as my man R.A.H. put it!!) since forever! :) funny-now we goin for No 1 national baby!! anyway - on to news... got two new tracks upcoming; a Neo--Soul joint and a head-groovin' R&B/Rap thang I'm putting the finishing touches on as we speak. Also I have a few Urban/Smooth jazz joints I have the honor of doing vocals on with the great pianist/organist Bill Heid. Those should be up on my page and released on Itunes within the month, so keep an 'I' out!! Bout to say bye to China again for awhile - headin to Europe (Poland and Budapest) to lay some vocal tracks with a couple of DJ's/Remixers there (Big up to Rony Breaker and The Hennings Project). Have a listen to their remixes of Love When right here on my Reverbnation page; then back stateside to get with Fam and Friends and get back in the studio for some more collabs!! Also HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the radio stations/DJ's worldwide who are banging out 'Honey'!! A little birdie told me it's hitting the charts next week, so I'll keep ya'll posted , fo sho.. And stop by and join my street team - teamers will be getting a free 'Honey' ringtone during the month of September!! Thanks for all the love and support!! Peace, Blessings. Love n Music!! D