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DOG the Bounty Hunter - June 17th

"My Sweet Revenge" will be the PLANESIDE song featured on this weeks DOG the Bounty Hunter. Special Double Episode #136 - 137 (titled THE SET-UP) will air this WEDS. June 17th on the A&E Channel. Check your local cable listings for exact times and information! Thanks again DOG!


DOG the Bounty Hunter - March 11th, 2009

We are happy to announce that PLANESIDE will have their song "REDHANDED" featured on DOG the Bounty Hunter - episode #128 which will air on March 11th, 2009. "REDHANDED" can be found on our album "MILK" which was put out on Exotic Records in March 7th, 2006. We would like to thank Exotic for another great event.

Dewey Beach Red Carpet Interview

Check out this Red Carpet interview with Craig from this past Sept.'s Dewey Beach Rock Festival in Delaware. See it on YOUTUBE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BBZ6M6CSm0&feature=channel_page