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Radio Free Texas Hello everybody, I'm so excited I just have to tell everyone at once. The album I released back in 2006 Larry Scott Chapman ONCE IN A BLUE MOON was just added to the play list at www.radiofreetexas.org This is only the coolest radio station in Texas. I cant begin to tell you how it feels to have something that you worked so hard on and put so much of your self into actually being shared by thousands of people at the same time. I am speechless…and that my friends are where you come in! I need your help more than ever right now. Please find a minute to drop by www.radiofreetexas.org , sign up to listen for FREE, and find me. I'm on the front page half way down on the right for the time being, but you can always still search if you have too. I have three songs in rotation right now ( Devils Train - Out On This Highway - and Thank You Father ). Please take a second to request one of these songs. They will keep playing them as long as you want to hear them. I hope you do! Thank you, so much Take care, and God Bless Larry Scott Chapman www.larryscottchapman.com