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2014 News

We are excited to start the new year off with two new members. Mike Lloyd and Tom Gill. Mike has played with Michael Jameson And Chad for years. Tom is a great friend and has played with Chad MJ and Mike Lloyd several time. Looking forward to see what 2014 has in store... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Change In Band Lineup.

Just wanted to let everyone know there’s been a slight change In the lineup of Jameson Brown Band. Due to a heavy work schedule & other Family obligations James Wood will no longer be Jameson Brown Band’s rhythm Guitar player. Although he may pop up at a gig or two for a special appearance. All of Jameson Brown Band wishes James The best in the future. We will miss you James.

As for the rest of the band we will keep on keeping on Preparing for upcoming gigs & working on recording our Debut Album. Hang in there folks Great things are coming soon!!

Jameson Brown Update

We Are Amazed At The Progress That Has Happened Over A Couple Months. We Appriciate Those Who Have Stuck With Us Over A Year On Music. Well We Are Almost Ready To Record Our Debut CD. Spread The Word to your Friends. New Samples Of Songs To Come Soon. Love you Guys And Thanks .

Jameson Brown Is Ready

After a short break ( Hunting Season) We're almost ready to continue this adventure. 2013 Is gonna be a great year!!


Well I'm gonna try to keep everyone updated on all of Jameson Brown news....