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I want your music for my radio show! "The Crow Show"

Check this out, I have recently been given the opportunity to host my own online radio show on the AAGSC (All Artists Galactic Social Club). Listen in anytime at alienfingerz.ning.com/page/the-crow-show or at www.thecrowshow.podomatic.com "The Crow Show" is going to be focused on the underground scene. Unsigned artists, busting their ass to get heard. I want to showcase rock, rap, metal, hip hop, industrial, electronica and whatever else I think sounds awesome. I want to include interviews with the bands, maybe some giveaways that could include CD's, swag, and more.

Sound cool? Wanna be a part of it? This is what I need from you in order for this to be made a reality. I need music, YOUR MUSIC!!! I am unable to pay you for playing your music, so if you want to be played, this is something that you must understand.

Email me at markadamcrow@yahoo.com

In the subject line write "Let's get this started." In your email, I will need you to write that you understand that I am unable to pay you for your music and that I am playing your music for free. Attach your five very favorite/best pieces of work to the email in standard MP3 format (44.1/128kps) as well as a band photo that you would like showcased with the music.

Also, the AAGSC is a great social network for artists of all kinds, with very customizable layouts that work beautifully with widgets. The AAGSC has a kind of "by artists, for artists" philosophy, and do a lot to help support the members of their community. They help get plays, fans, and exposure. For this reason, I would highly recommend artists that are submitting to be on the show, open an account with the AAGSC. It will not only up your chances for being selected, but it will also be a great way to network with other artists and get yourself heard. It's free, it's easy, and I personally think it's pretty awesome. Check out my profile at


I hope to hear from you all very soon, I look forward to making this happen.


Playing live at the SOKOL UNDERGROUND!!!

On line tickets available.

visit tickets.aftonshows.com/crow

New to Reverbnation

I just opened my account with this site and I gotta say, I like it. Lots of cool options and tools to help promote, all built right in to my profile. Very nice.

If anyone in the REVERBNATION has any input or advice on how to make the most of this site, please share.