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Eprom Colony (EPCO) to release 2 albums after three years of performing.

Eprom Colony (EPCO) for short...release 2 albums after three years of performing. We really owe our fans we call friends a hard copy of the songs we watch them sing along with and dance to. First of the recordings will make their way to the public August 2nd at the NEBULOUS Distribution/Labels's launch party...Location TBA.

Digital Nebulous Distribution/Label Launch in fall of 2013

CEO Joshua McAllister of the Label has teamed up with Doc Colony of APOC Concert/New Logic Now to offer consultation to Digital Nebulous Distribution/Label. A Michigan based distribution / record label. Our focus will be on delivering new music and remixed selections from our artist and performers clients. Boasting over 200 channels globally in place to move the music and spread the performers artistry faster and more proficient.CEO Joshua McAllister is formally of Division X Records one of the longest running Michigan based ambient and experimental labels. Doc Colony has pioneered a path in the Industrial/Electronic community, successfully hosting over 40 events a year. With the launch of the company we hope to reach out to new and untapped customers. Providing them with the best and most diverse music the mid-west has to offer. We have several alliances forming with music being produced to distribute music on a constant basis. Coupled with live events local and abroad will give this venture a shared spotlight among it many sister companies.

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