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Hey 3 Kisses people!

Touring was great! My job was to make sure the tour van (aka Gary) was ready for the trip to FL. So I went to the Ford house and had them do the works. Before we got out of town the battery died. So we are standing on the side of the road in small town Texas in full punk rock dress hoping that someone would stop and jump the big beast (Gary). this cowboy in a truck sees us and does a U Turn and gives the juice. I love Texas. We make in back to the Ford House and they put a new 9 volt in Gary. We hit the road. The Ford House also does a front end alignment. The only problem is that they do not tighten the bolts that hold the front end to our beloved tour van. By the time we get to FL Gary is not happy. He is shacking and his front tires that were new when we left are not bald. New tires, new front end job and Gary is ready to go. Life is good and we are rockin FL. Happy days. Rooster (aka Tony)

Wife Swap!!

Vote for Tish & Tony to do ’Wife Swap’s’ 100th episode! Coming this Fall...The Wife Swap Viewer Vote! You have the chance to help pick the families for a very special 100th episode! 24 families have put themselves up for a reswap and we are asking you to help decide who should swap again. During four weeks of voting, families are eliminated until only four remain. Voting takes place on ABC.com starting Oct. 3rd, coinciding with the season five premiere of "Wife Swap,"and will run until October 24th, 2008, Viewers have the opportunity to vote 24 times the first week, 12 times the second week and four times the third week. Phase 1 -- Oct. 3, polls open at 12:00 noon PT and close Oct. 10, at 2:00 a.m. PT, 24 families will be voted on to narrow the eligible families to twelve. Phase 2 -- Oct. 10, polls open at 12:00 noon PT and close Oct. 17, at 2:00 a.m. PT, twelve families will be voted on to narrow the eligible families to four. Phase 3 -- Oct. 17, polls open at 12:00 noon PT and close Oct. 24, at 2:00 a.m. PT, when viewers vote on four families. From the final four which two families end up swapping? You'll have to tune in to find out. Help decide Wife Swap's ultimate swap. The Wife Swap Viewer Vote coming to ABC.com on October 3rd 2008. http://abc.go.com/primetime/wifeswap/index?pn=viewervote http://abc.go.com/primetime/wifeswap/index?pn=votebiot=family http://abc.go.com/primetime/wifeswap/index?pn=votevideo


Uh, wow! I'm just now finally awake after getting back from our tour through Florida and Georgia. Probably the biggest non-musical happening was that I managed to not pay for a DROP of alcohol the whole time. I got that s*** down! Just roll up on somebody with a fresh pitcher and talk to them about the bands and beer and alcohol in general and partying etc. and before you know it an opportunity will present itself for you to ask for a cupful of beer. It's so simple people and it's FREE! Another amazing statistic is that there were only 2 instances where I couldn't stand the smell of my own body (not counting feet). It's alot easier to stay clean with a pool and a shower when you're not hammered. I scored in some ways and didn't score in others but overall the experience was completely tits! Georgia and Florida parties are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to those who may like that kind of fun. My untouched suitcase is full of dirty clothes and staring at me waiting to be washed. My bet with myself is +/- 2 more weeks before they're all washed. Oh yeah and I played some music and stuff too I think...beer run!

"Wife Swap" REVISITED!!!

A few months back we got a call from RDF Media. The casting producer asked us if we'd be willing to participate in a contest with 23 other families for a shot at doing "Wife Swap" again. Pretty cool that we made it into the top 24 families to have ever done the show, if ya ask me. Of course, we said 'YES' because 1) It was a blast the first time 2) It's a great opportunity to get our music out to more people and 3) The kids want to do it again! Voting starts on October 3 and will go for 3 weeks. You will be able to get all the details at www.abc.com and I will update the blog here with more info when I get it. Oh yeah, and "Wife Swap" just went into syndication on the Lifetime network, so if you liked our first show, there's your chance to catch it again. XXX, Tish

Gary's Spot B-Day Bash Madness Krunk

OMG OMG for those who missed it Gary's Spot was superawesome crunk last night. Let's run down the list of things going on... There were a s***ton of people there (filled to capacity) including many many fine ladies which I was all in favor of. The Jager girls were out there supporting us and throwing shwag everywhere. Once the bands started playing for a while it was up and running w/ scissors. At some point Swisha house was "in da buildin'" so I knew right then something was goin' down. Sure enough the Mallibu Tan bikini contest was next and that did NOT disappoint although there was a peculiar judging decision - I mean they were both fine but #5 outworked #7 clearly. Oh yeah we also played at this show and it was probably my favorite show we've played so far as far as the audince goes. You guys held it down for us and we appreciate that!! The whole time all of this was going on there was a reality TV show pilot being filmed for Gary's bar and there's no doubt he will get the show and the pilot will air! Afte it all we hung out with some extremely cool bands namely Spin Alley, Aride, Forever Falls and She Craves. We love all of you guys you ALL melted our faces off!! What a wild fun ass night. GOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

Artistic Hang-Over

Since I'm hung-over I think this is the best time for a poem cause I mean that's when everyone comes up with the "best stuff" right? Ch-Ch-Check It! Dryad Morphism by Sean Strelecki "bundle of sticks on dry land, waterworld of salt and sand, distant isle: endless ocean, desert mountain: liquid motion crystal reflects endless light, blackened skies of endless nights raging fires scorching earth destruction raises new birth" How's your mind? Blown?! I think I might have just changed the world. Either that or I think I am dehydrating and need water. 'Til next time homo sapiens... -Sean

Happy Drummer

I wouldn't say I'm a superstitious person or too terribly religious but there are times when you realize that things are going well and all the work you've put in is paying off. times when your purpose is as clear as ever. As I'm listening to a chilled out fusion jam I realize how lucky I was to join this band! With people like this around me and a band this cool success may not be EASY but I'm going to enjoy the road there a hell of a lot more. It's definitely alot of work but hell this is what i want and why I spent all those days practicing and listening to music and all that: so I could have a CAREER in music! We're coming off the heels of a very fantastic GoGirls Houston meet-up and we got to listen to our rough mix of one of our new tracks on an upcoming demo (I can barely hide the excitement!) and damn it sounded like the jam session was whooping a horse's ass wif a belt! That means it was excellent to those who can't understand the lingo. As is becoming customary when I'm back in Katy, TX I drive my parents vehicle around and eat as much food as possible here and enjoy having the company of the 5 pets in the house. Gosh I miss my cat and dogs already...Another custom is talking to Tish about all that is going on w/ the band and all that we want to go on. For those who have not met and talked to our lead singer she is the type of individual one rarely finds - truly a selfless person! Back to the first thing I was talking about, to sum it up in a phrase I would call it "realizing that your life and career has positive forward momentum". I think that's where I'm at and I'm gonna do everything I can to keep it rolling that direction! -Sean (3K Drummer) *Aside* "Wow, Sean - that was a cheesy blog" *Response to Aside* "Yeah but I can play a donkey with my mushroom stick" *Aside (Again)* "I'm going to watch Assy Mcgee" *Response to Aside* "Dude let's stop writing"

Get a Mechanic!

JUST FAKES! People, do NOT go to Jut Brakes ever I swear their bull crap is making me want to pull hair out of every part of my body...let me explain. I went in a while back after my brake pads were wearing so I thought so they told me I needed new pads but that the master cylinder was fine. Then it was back to me putting my pedal to the floor while braking within a week. so U go in and this time the master cylinder is messed up! Then the third time they say they couldn't find a seal leak again and didn't know why the fluid was empty but my fluid WAS obviously leaking I could tell so thy filled it up. Then I go to drive back to my parents' house and wtf I press he brake pedal and *no not AGAIN* it's not stopping. So now I'm waiting on them to fix another supposed problem but I'm not paying s*** for it I told them that. It's just a bunch of shady business it seems. You know when you can tell when someone's not shooting it straight to you? Yeah like that. And then I look on ripoff report and they're ALLOVER that site with major complaints. It can't be a coincidence...So to make this lesson short and concise...GET A MECHANIC and save yourself the headache and shady business practices of Just Brakes. Excuse me while I go steal a cane from a blind old man...then listen to some music with my cat. Pissed Off, Sean

3 Kisses News

It's summer and boy, is it hot here in Texas! We've been playing gigs around the area, writing a ton of new songs, recording and spending every 'free' minute we have in the pool. We're also gearing up for our Florida tour. We will head out to Baton Rouge, LA, on September 4th and then on to Florida where we'll be playing some shows with our good friends, Marashino, from Wisconsin. Check 'em out - they ROCK! :-) We're going to spend some time at the beach while were there and we'll finish off this tour with the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase in New Port Richey. This is Sean and Brian's first 3 Kisses tour, so we are all excited about this chapter. Kenneth Scott at Kenneth Scott Productions in Houston is producing our new songs, and we can't wait for you to hear 'em. They're still in the mixing stage, but we got the initial mix of the first one last night and it sounds freakin' awesome!!! We're also writing all over the map, so you'll get to hear numerous sides of 3 Kisses. No one panic, we're still Texas Party Punk at live shows...the party will continue! BUT, we're writing a variety of stuff because, well...we can! Oh, and Tish is working with other artists to help them get sponsorships and endorsements for their projects and that has now evolved into doing full-fledged workshops. Tish along with Madalyn Sklar (GoGirls Music, Indie Music Coach) and Ryan Michael Galloway will be presenting their first Indie Music Success Workshop in Houston on July 20. Visit www.indiemusicsuccess.com for details. If your band needs some direction, there is going to be a TON of great information given out at this event. That pretty much sums up what's going on in 3 Kisses Land! XXX, Tish, Tony, Brian, Sean