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Burial Hymns

Noisecult is excited to announce the release of our brand new cd entitled "Burial Hymns" ! Pick yours up at iTunes, Amazon.com, cdbaby and Noisecult.com

A very noisy Christmas

Nashville Tennessee stoner rock outfit Noisecult have just released two tracks of blistering holiday cheer on the single “All Around The World (In Just One Night)” out on Stik Man Records. Available now on iTunes, Amazon.com, Noisecult.com and stikmanrecords.com

Noisecult was asked a year back to help out on a Christmas benefit event by covering a holiday classic. Upon sifting through the familiar holiday tunes, the band felt most of these are tired and bit played out so why not write their own. A new challenge and one not many rock and punk bands readily take on. Digging in at Hilltop Recording studios Nashville in the late fall 2013 the band produced two instantly catchy and unforgettable yuletide anthems with enough power to fuel a two ton 8 cylinder sleigh.

Comments guitarist Don Carr, “We really had fun helping out on the Christmas benefit last year and we thought we would take it one step further and write some of our own Christmas music. Not the kind your parents forced you to listen to as a kid but some really good amped up full throttle rock n roll with a holiday twist”.

The two Noisecult original songs: “Santa’s Lament” and “All Around The World (In Just One Night)” are destined to become head banging fist pumping Christmas classics bringing peace, love, humor and power chords to all .

The lyric video to “Santa’s Lament” can be seen here


The band plan to enter the studio late winter 2014 to complete work on the follow up to 2012’s “Psychedelic Death Trip”. A Stik Man Records release mastered by engineer Eric Conn (DOWN, King’s X, Ted Nugent) featuring the songs "Sins of Yesterday", "Rock n’ Roll Road Kill", "Marching Unto Death" and the monstrously heavy "El Diablo’s Trestiza".

Fall Noise is Coming !

Been a laid back summer so the band so far, but there are good things coming this fall and winter. We recently hit the recording studio to lay down some drum tracks for a bunhc of songs for a winter / spring project we are creeping towards...we also wrote a second punk rock Christmas song that will be put together with our earlier Christmas original called "All Around the World in Just One Night". That should be out in late fall to gear up towards the deep freeze of winter....

New Noise........

Been a while since I got to post on the board....lots of things brewing the past few months. Returned to the Studio to cut a few new and re-do some old songs with Mike Liffick on Vocals. Check out the re-recording of Swarm of the Electric Death as well as the new song Marching Unto Death. Full CD to be completed and out winter 2011 early 2012. A new DVD celbrating the bands firt 5 years of playing out will be unleashed soon as well. Containing three shows that span the last few years (2007, 2008 2011) including a brand new show show at the Rutledge in Nashville TN in May. Show are lining up for the summer and fall. A couple of great surprises to be announced soon. If you need a loud band give us a call....