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♥ EP out now ♥

The Lightning Vishwa Experience EP is out now!

Released via I Have A Tiger Records, check the Tiger-website for more info on ordering! Luv y'all! Vishwa


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beautiful peoples

we are on facebook now, go and join vishwas world, we take over this planet and fill it with love and peace and after midnight tunes!



Vishwa covering Beck for the Belgian Internet Recording Club

salve belli worlwide! vishwa did a cover of Beck's 'where it's at' for the belgian internet recording club. check it out here: http://birklub.be/?p=231 vishwa and sputnik studio guru & producer & bass synth master & drummer joes joined in a fellowship to record where it's at - resulting in where is ed! hope you like - we enjoyed doing this, that's for sure! have a great day and be nice to people! Vishwa x

New recordings on vishwa's reverbspace!!!

vishwasongs from the sputnik salve belli worldwide vishwa and his friends from the experience got back from studio sputnik with … 7 songs! sharing with you today … wonder lamp, josephine and velvet monkey. we hope you like! soon we’ll be back with more … more everything. 3 grazie 1000 joez and sputnik wolly

Songs, songs, songs from the underwaterworld!

Cari Tutti new song posted on reverb nation: supervika! a song about ... haha ... vishwa ain't telling you. it's vishwa's top secret!! more songs on my myspace: www.myspace.com/lightningvishwaexperience and more songs on vi: http://vi.be/GUDZ-7178-CKW

Lightning Vishwa Experience: reverbed!

Cari tutti We are new here, so we say hi to all of you! We are Lightning Vishwa Experience from El Dorado in Belgium. We bring you after midnight songs from the underwaterworld. Check out three songs we just posted: je suis loup: we are wolves la benedizione di lucci: there's good people out there love when you don't want it: what a meshuggah situation Lightning Vishwa loves delay and reverb. So we had to register here. It's destiny! Fortuna ci benedica ... See you soon, Vishwa loves you.