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2016 - The Next Level

2015 has come and gone, and it was good. Big things did indeed happen, and I'm very pleased with the results. BIG ups to my fans, supporters, family, friends and connections, for all your support!

On to 2016, where we take it up to the Next Level. A live turntablism performance, a club residency, and several CD releases are in the pipeline for this year, so definitely watch this space as we turn this into an Even Bigger Year!!


My Big Year

Hullo folks! There has been a lot of talk about 2015 being my Big year, and it certainly has turned out to be so. Thank you again to all of YOU who have helped me get back to #1 on the Electronica charts!

Big ups to Distraction for the event coming up later this November, in which I will be playing a headline set, alongside BenSon and Hunter Roos. It all helps to bring that Rave-N8er goodness to you.

So, I had quite an eye-opener this month. In preparing a demo set for a possible gig (Chefs on Decks!), I delved into the realm of House and Tech House. It took a little getting used to. I'm usually more comfortable at speeds of between 131bpm and 147bpm, so I never imagined myself enjoying a crawling 122bpm style. However, the more I got into it, the more I loved it, and now I'm a huge Tech House fan! So look out for some distinctly Tech House-flavoured beats to start appearing on this page... And indeed, on MixCloud, where all of the Rave-N8er mixes now reside.

Till then, keep moving to that beat!!


So far so good!!

Hullo fans! I said that 2015 would be a Big Year, and so far it is going very well! Hitting #1 on the Electronica charts is an honour I am very grateful to all of YOU for! I plan to keep the good stuff coming so that you can help me stay up there.

Look out for new remixes and DJ sets, and a little something I've been working on on the piano.

I'm having a whale of a time, and I am sure that it will show in the awesome choonz headed your way.


2015 will be a Big Year

How will 2015 be a Big Year? Let's start with some brand new synthesizers for FLStudio. In fact, let's start with a whole new version of FLStudio!! And a new laptop. Yes, the Rav is committed to churning out the choonz that you love, with renewed vigour and purpose, andall powered by some shiny new kit. Watch this space!

The Rav is back!

Indeed, if I don't go away, how do I make a comeback?? But this time I am here to stay - with 5 new songs to prove it! So come back often to check out all the new material.

Been a while...

Well, it's been a while since I was here. It's the price I pay for keeping this as a hobby instead of a more serious pursuit. The good news is that there are some exciting new songs on the way, so keep checking back here for (more frequent!) updates!

The Rav

The Breaks Mix is here!

So, after much arbitration and debate, mainly with myself (and possibly my little toe, which started all of this!), I decided to record the Breaks Mix using MP3's instead of vinyls, which was the original plan. MP3's allowed me much greater, more detailed control over the songs, the beats, and the blends. While I felt that this was contrary to the theme of going "back to basics", I was also conscious of how much time was passing between the announcement of the Mix and its arrival. I believe that the result is indeed better, thanks to that choice. I was able to complete the whole mix in a much shorter space of time, and yields a much more pleasant listening experience.

I'd like to throw this one out to the listeners tho - does it matter to you that the perfect blends and beat matches that you hear in the mix (this one, or any other mix produced by any other DJ) were put together using a sequencer (or similar software) and MP3's/WAVes, rather than being played on vinyls or CDJ's and recorded live, in one continuous session, as one would play in a club? Is the focus on/importance of the accuracy and smoothness of the blends, or the manner in which the set was recorded, more important to you?

I'd like to hear your views!

The Rav

Upcoming Mix

I've had an itch in my left little toe again, so it's time for another epic mix from The Rav (not that I mix with my left little toe, altho that'd be a really neat trick for my next stage performance....!) My toe says it's definitely going to be something in Breakbeats, which I'm very amped about because I haven't mixed in Breakz for a long time. The toe is also hinting at a strictly vinyl mix - no MP3 and no pre-recording. Hmmm toe, so demanding for one so little!! And so unto the 1200's we go, toting a box of thumping classics. Watch this space....!!!!

DJ Rave-N8er
DJ Rave-N8er  (about 8 years ago)

My little left toe has been hard at work, sifting through vinyls and spinning the decks like mad, and has finally come up with the perfect set for the new mix, entitled "Back to Breaxix". We are both very excited as this mix will be done old-school - from start to finish in one breath, all on vinyls, with no software intervention (like it should be!)

So keep an eye out for this one, it's really special.

Forthcoming attractions: a Breakz version of an old Psygnosis game soundtrack...!! You gotta hear it to believe it.


DJ Rave-N8er
DJ Rave-N8er  (almost 8 years ago)

So I decided to try mixing with both hands instead of with my little toe as that was taking too long, and even I'm getting restless at the long wait for this famous new mix!

In other news, there are no less than 5 new songs on their way to you, as a treat for being so patient! And that includes a remix of a Fedde le Grande track from his debut album "Output", entitled "Back 'n Forth". Yep, the *Rav* is remixing _Fedde_!

So hang in there for just a little longer, coz Santa's coming early this year!

The tools for the new inspiration have arrived!

So, the holidays have come and gone, and the Rav is just bubbling over with ideas, sparked by a new Xmas present! I got the Boss Dr Rhythm DR-670 drum machine. What an amazing little machine this is! Packed to the hilt with features and programmability options, this is what I was looking for in my previous blog. And just for fun, I connected it thru my Korg KP2 Kaos Pad - WOW! The two together make some pretty mean sounds, and when played together as a single instrument, provide exactly the kind of fun and lively tactile music experience I was looking for!! Now to put these little guys to work creating some seriously funky live music...!

New inspiration

It's back to the drawing board with fresh ideas after watching Goldfish live and up close on the weekend. I'm thinking about ways in which I can play my music live, with added "manual" twists. PvD plays live on 3 laptops using Ableton, and Goldfish use an assortment of technical gadgets, along with a sax and (electric) double bass. I like the tangible feel of the accoustic instruments coupled with the fenzied knob-twiddling and live DJ'ing that goes on in a Goldfish set, and I'm now looking at ways to incorporate those kinds of "on-the-fly" production techniques into a live performance. Note tho, that only Goldfish can ever be Goldfish, and DJ Rave-N8er will always be DJ Rave-N8er, and never Goldfish II, but you have to admit that after watching their exuberant and quirky performance, their style of presentation is not only highly entertaining, but also very inspirational! So watch this space as I string together the live incarnation of all that is DJ Rave-N8er!