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Hello, fellow mutants! Well here's what's going down in the land of atomic mishaps. Quick note to let you know what's happening in the land that radiation never forgets! First and foremost, some positive news: our new CD "Release The Mosquitos" is done and ready to radiate you! Get it here now! But sadly, we all know that every positive action must create a negative response. On the negative side, George aka -B Negative has been healed of his Atomic affliction and has lost his strange yet fascinating love for surf music and has called it quits. We are sad to see him go and we'll miss him dearly and wish him a happy and radiation free life. However, in a stroke of Atomic luck or environmental catastrophe, whichever you prefer, another Mosquito has been exposed! Joe aka - Needle Nose has been exposed and now must suffer the fate we've known for the past 5 years since the accident. That's right, a longing for surf music with no hope for escape or monetary redemption! The world of surf music will eat you up and spit you out like so much half chewed kelp! Brave is the Mosquito who will accept their fate. With that in mind, we tip our antenna to Joe. Compilations we're on that are out or coming soon! Lemme take you to the beach - from Cordelia Records pick it up today! Jesus Christ Surferstar - from Om Om at - CD Baby pick it up today! Hair - from Om Om at - CD Baby pick it up today! Richie Podolor tribute - from Golly Gee Records coming real soon!