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New ST album - Model Citizens Volume One- available FREE now at www.sunnytravelsband.com!

Free New Album @ sunnytravelsband.com!

Our new album "Living It Up" is now available for free @ sunnytravelsband.com. We are currently in the studio working on another one that should be do out in early fall. Rock-n-roll!

New Album "Zang" Now Available!

Our new album "Zang" is now available in our reverb store.

We Found A New Drummer!

Our new drummer "Bryan," is working out great and maybe this time we won't have to chop anyone up and sneek them off in guitar cases...

Feb. Update

Yes, we are again in the hunt for new drummers since the last one got too busy with his unfortunate job as an officer of the law. Who knew that wouldn't work out? Oh well, no more secret trips out to the car. Mike from "Stolen Rose" thankfully will be filling in for us at our Ash St. show at the end of the month and we met a guy from the band "Monkey Puzzle" who is trying out this week. The rock train keeps rolling and myspace is still slow and shitty.


The beast wakes on the edge of dawn but we keep singing in the supernatural glow of green lava lamp songs- The air static with electric visions like we were in on something, the t.v. wasn't.

Online tickets for Hawthorne Theater show now available

Tickets for our Dec 19th show at The Hawthorne Theater available for $9 at aftonshows.com/sunnytravels2

New Album Almost Done

Blair, Ryan, Greg, and Bradly are coming along nicely with the new recording. Hanging out at Jambox Studio with Mike in SE P-town, capturing our new Portland tunes we’ve been playing around. We had Jimi Jazz, former bassist for G-Love and the Special Sauce throw down some keys on the thing too! It is definitely gonna be a rock album. That’ll be ready here soon, we’ll keep you posted! Good times, good vibes, and good food…… Oh yeah, and we have some t-shirts available at reverbnation.com too! I hear they might be the new American, if not global, fashion craze!

Sunny News 7/9/10

Our new drummer "Bradly" is working out just fine. We've rocked "The Pub At The End Of The Universe, Roots Brewery, The Tiger Bar, and Aztec Willy's," since he's come aboard only a month ago. A few more shows have been lined up and we will continue booking as much as we can for summer and fall. Soon the new album will be done and hopefully Greg won't have to eat so many hotdogs to help pay for it. Oh, and Rossy just got a new rocking chair.

Sunny News

Got a new drummer, some equipment, a few shows, and a new c.d that will be done in about a month, thanks to Mike at "Jam Box" studios. Saw Gregster run the dishwasher this week for one dish too. Shit's crazy here son.