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July 2016 Update

Been a while since I've been on here... Lots going on... I released my brand new single "Seven Dollar Cool" in Feb 2016... the new full length CD S.L.F. will be released in fall of 2016....I will be playing lots of shows in 2016...

Ronny Update Oct 2013111

Crazy weekend...had a blast attending both days of the LA Amp Show...Loni did it again... a great show and it was packed.... saw so many friends and some very cool gear and even managed to get a new endorsement along the way...I also had so much fun yesterday hanging with Jim Seavall and the Scumback Cabinets crew....those guys are so much fun (I didn't get home until midnight yesterday..) ..... I also attended the Glaudi runway show at LA Fashion week on Saturday night and I even got to see the Gravity movie (It was so good!!) ..Next stop I'm playing the Happin Harry 22nd Anniversary show at Club Loaded on Oct 8th (6377 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood) ..lots of great bands playing and we play a short set at 9pm....Come on down if you can...

Ronny North update 2/18/2011!!!

Lots going on......Just signed on to endorse Tattoo Golf Clothing and P Whammy products....Did I mention that I gave a signature P Whammy bar coming out??? We are also playing the 2011 LA Marathon on March 20th..it's our 3rd consecutive year playing the event....Lots more stuff coming up including more guitar clinics....stay tuned....

Ronny North Update Feb 2011!!!!!

I had a great 2011 Winter NAMM.....We tore it up headlining the Winter NAMM kick off event on Jan 12th at the show....I had a blast playing everyday of the show for my sponsors and doing signing events.It's always great meeting the fans and seeing all my industry friends...We also attended some great NAMM parties....We saw Lita Ford play at the Dean Markley party,Yngwie play at the Roland party,Megadeth play at the Dean party and Cheap Trick play at the Schecter party on Saturday (My fave party of the weekend..) ..After NAMM,I then played in the All Star jam on Jan 19th at Howl at the Moon for Kruzing Kenny's annual B-Day bash....I then did my Sam Ash guitar clinic on Jan 22nd at Sam Ash Cerritos (It went great and we had a great crowd..) , I'm doing another guitar clinic on Feb 5th at Sam Ash Music in Westminster, Ca. I then played the HOB in Hollywood opening for Steel Panther on Jan 29th.....The crowd was awesome.....always great playing there......last night I got to see Slash and Ozzy play at the Gibson Ampitheater..great show and it was a blast hanging backstage with all my friends....I got to meet Brad Whitford from Aerosmith..he was so cool and it was great chatting guitars with him.......it was also cool running into fans who were at my HOB show on Monday who dug my show (always great when people dig your stuff... never gets old...lol..) Saturday I do another Sam Ash guitar clinic and then Feb 18th I'm playing golf in the NBA All Star Celebrity golf tournament..rumor has it that I might be playing in the All Styar jam that night as well... stay tuned for some more big news.......


Ronny North headlining the NAMM kick off event Jan 12th.....

I had a blast at the Artist Relations NAMM event today at Center Staging, after that I did a bit of running around and taking care of biz for the show..I am headlining the NAMM kick off event tonight at the Anaheim Hilton at the Convention Center . I hit the stage at 10pm.. the show is free admission and open to the public....No NAMM badge required...I then play every day of NAMM (Jan 13-16) for my sponsors (see profile pic for booth info and times).... www.ronnynorth.com www.facebook.com/ronny.north

Getting ready for NAMM....

I had a blast jamming at the R&R Gangstar Apparel Pre-NAMM Party on Friday at Delzanos....The place was packed and it was a great bash for sure....Yesterday I was running all over getting everything together for NAMM...Thankfully I have my assistant Karen who keeps me organized, She is also with me everyday at NAMM.. definitely couldn't do it with out her.....after our running around yesterday we got some Sushi for dinner....it was so good...This morning I'm up early squeezing some practice in watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.. It's great watching the the chicks battle it out about everything....lol....The funny thing is I have so many great guitars and the guitar that I practice on is a chaep electric with higher action that was given to me from a guitar company.......go figure....does keep me in shape.....today more running around and we start packing for the show.. I already have the Samsonites laying out in the living room....early tomorrow morning we dye my hair (I'm not a natural Burgandy..) I then have a meeting with one of my sponsors and then I go to rehearsals.. This is just tomorrow morning.. Tuesday I'm attending the Artist Relations NAMM event at Center Staging....Wednesday night I headline the NAMM Kickoff event at the Hilton at the Anaheim Convention Center and then we have NAMM Thrurs_Sunday.. I'm playing everyday of the show for my sponsors....Here we go again.... www.ronnynorth.com www.facebook.com/ronny.north www.twitter.com/ronnynorth

Ronny North NAMM Update in Guitar International Magazine!!!!

From Guitar International Magazine 1/06/2011..... Ronny North Appearances at NAMM Show 2011 By: Staff Ronny North and his band will be kicking off the New Year by headlining the 2011 Winter NAMM kickoff event on the main NAMM stage at the Hilton at the Anaheim Convention Center on January 12th at 10pm. Ronny and his band are very honored to be invited to perform at the event and they will be playing songs off Ronny’s new Light CD (available at Best Buy Stores) and you never know who might show up to jam with Ronny during his performance. As always you never know where he might pop up on stage at some of the other NAMM events as well throughout the weekend….(stay tuned…). Ronny will also be performing every day of the NAMM show for several of his sponsors including Brace Audio and R-n-R Gangstar Apparel as well as a few others. ****** Here’s a rundown of his NAMM appearance schedule so far: Jan 13th: Brace Audio (Hall B booth 5894 at 10am) signing/performance R-n-R Gangstar Apparel (Hall D booth 2586 at 12pm) signing/performance Dean Markley (Hall B booth 5710 at 1pm) signing Jan 14th: Brace Audio (11am) signing/performance R-n-R Gangstar Apparel (12pm) signing/performance Jan 15th: Ronny will be hanging at the R-n-R Gangstar booth Jan 16th: Brace Audio (11am) signing/performance Dean Markley 1pm signing We will be adding more events as the show gets closer www.ronnynorth.com www.facebook.com/ronny.north www.myspace.com/ronnynorth www.twitter.com/ronnynorth

Ronny North 2011 Winter NAMM Schedule!!!!

Here's Ronny's NAMM schedule so far we will be adding more events as well so stay tuned..... Jan 12th Ronny headlining the NAMM kickoff event at the Hilton at the Convention Center. he performs at 10pm...admission is free and you do not need a NAMM badge to attend... Jan 13th....Ronny performs through out the day starting at 10 am at Brace Audio at 10 am (Hall B booth 5894) , signing at R-n-R Gangstar Apparel 12pm (Hall D booth 2586) and then signs at Dean Markley Strings (Hall B booth 5710) at 1pm Jan 14th Ronny performs at Brace Audio (Hall B booth 5894)throughout the day starting at 10am , Signing event at R-nR Gangstar Apparel (Hall D booth 2586) Jan 15th Ronny performs for Brace Audio (Hall B booth 5894) through out the day starting at 12pm... Jan 16th Ronny performs through out the day for Brace Audio (Hall B booth 5894) starting at 10am.. signing event at Dean Markley (Hall B booth 5710) at 2pm.... Stay tuned for more NAMM events..... www.ronnynorth.com

Ronny North Update Jan 2nd ,2011!!!!!

It's been a crazy week.. I had a great New Years and now it's time to get back to biz....Now we're gearing up for 2011 Winter NAMM next week. I've also been working on a new song in my studio that I hope to have out in time for NAMM....This Friday (Jan 7th) I'll be playing in the All Star Jam at the R-n-R Gangstar Apparel Pre NAMM Party at Delzanos by the Sea in Redondo Beach, Ca. Lots of cool bands playing that night. Their last party was off the hook....I will also be playing daily at NAMM at the R-n-R Gangstar booth...On Jan 12th I will be headlining the NAMM Kick off event on the main NAMM stage at the Hilton at the Convention Center...We hit the stage at 10pm....I then play everyday of NAMM for my sponsors Brace Audio, R-n-R Gangstar Apparel as well as a few others..... www.ronnynorth.com www.facebook.com/ronny.north www.twitter.com/ronnynorth www.myspace.com/ronnynorth

Ronny North playing the Whisky a Go Go tonight!!

Ronny North will be playing a special early show at the world famous Whisky a Go Go tonight.....It will be Ronny's last show of 2010.....Ronny will be kicking off the whole show and will hit the stage at 9pm sharp... Ronny will also be joining his great friend and fellow shredder Dallas Perkins and his band on stage for a few songs as well ....it'll be a great show that you won't want to miss...Also don't forget that you can now get Ronny's new Light CD at selected Best Buy stores in Southern California and on their website (www.bestbuy.com) .Parking is free on the strip on Sundays..... See you there!!!! www.ronnynorth.com www.facebook.com/ronny.north www.myspace.com/ronnynorth www.twitter.com/ronnynorth www.reverbnation.com/ronnynorth