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**BOOZIE BEER NUES sez in the LAGNIAPPE** Who’s on first? Johnny No played TP Crockmier’s a couple of Saturday nights ago to a packed house. It seems when they began playing the song “The Weight” by The Band,a drunken woman with a clear fondness for red wine came up on stage and openly began kneading the buttocks of the lead singer, while asking him who sang the song he was playing. The violated front man said “The Band” in between verses, and she was like, “For real, tell me who sings this song” and he was like, “The Band.” This went back and forth for a few minutes until she said, “Look, I’m rubbing my tits all over you. So, the least you can do is tell me who sings this song.” She continued openly molesting him, and when the song ended, he had his bandmates provide a final confirmation of who sang the song. She never caught on and stumbled back into the crowd, confused and frustrated!

Johnny No- @Fly Creek Cafe this Sat. in Fairhope !

"JOHNNY NO" -WILL BE BACK @FLY CREEK CAFE IN FAIRHOPE THIS SAT. NIGHT MARCH 6TH 8:00PM-ISH TILL !! We sure hope to see you there & Thanks !!

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