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Edge -two songs featured in Movie!!!

Edge has two songs featured in the independently released film "Flashes" The songs were "Metamorphosis" and a new song "Gone", which was written specifically for the film. Listen the last track "Gone" now.

EDGE... is it a cheesy name?

We named our selves at the young (enraged) age of 14 and 16 years old. We thought, at the time, the name was unique. Man were we stupid! Who knew that if you search the music world on the internet there is only about 9 billion other EDGE named rock groups. Hey but who has the right to the name? Is it based off popularity? Longevity? Sexiness? Album sales...well that ties in with popularity + longevity + sexiness. Is it too late to change our name. We have tried but we don't get anywhere with it. I think "Monkey Cow Spank" might be taken...?