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New CD Getting Wrapped Up!

We're happy to announce that we'll soon be handing our new tunes off to our mixer in the next week or so, so you'll be rocking out to a new Bag Of Toys album in May!

Working on BOT CD3

We're happy to announce that we'll be recording our new CD to be released early this spring.

Bag of Toys Second CD Coming This Spring!

What up people? For those inquisitive minds out there, the Bag would like to take the time to update ya'll on our ambitions for a follow up effort to Nooner, the debut album we released in January 2006. Nooner was recorded in Tait's living room during the summer of 2005 and given our short time together as a band and the amount of money (read: not very much) we invested, the results and response Nooner received has greatly surpassed our expectations.

Many of the tunes on that album were more or less composed by Tait. Sure, the rest of the Bag did our best to mold and twist Tait's creations - for better or worse - into the chilled out reggae beach tunes you've enjoyed on Nooner, but this time around we did much more collective songwriting, and had a lot of fun doing it.

We've also been lucky enough to try the new material out live over the past year or so (with the debut of three brand new tunes at our big summer show last July at Slim's). Doing so has allowed the material to evolve a bit prior to laying down on studio tape.

Which brings us to now. As we head into fall, the Bag is getting amped to enter Gadgetbox Studio in Santa Cruz, California, run by the engineering mastermind of Andy Zenczak (check out the studio at http://www.gadgetbox.net/). We've got over a dozen new tunes to lay down with the ultimate goal of finishing recording by year-end, the completion of mixing and mastering by January/Feb, and a target release of late Spring. The end goal in all of this is to deliver to you a sophmore effort with the same chilled out reggae beach vibe, but with hopefully a more diverse, mature sound (we're even going to let Steve sing on a tune).

Well, there it is.

Cheers from Bag of Toys.