KALEIDOTROPIC is Recording its first Single Album with the help of KALEIDOSCOPIC STUDIOS AND C.B. STUDIO. For the Next Two weeks we will be tracking and recording New Music for your Listening Pleasure.

Heres to Version 2.0

KALEIDOTROPIC has morphed once again. Into a more powerful, being of that which is called "MUSIC". Master Shaman of the Lyrics, Joey McGolrick is leading the vocals on this never ending quest to save our souls. On Lead Guitar, is Axe crushing phenom, Chris Hurley. Rhythm Guitar is, our Back bone to All we know to as "PARTY", Alex Shively. Master of the Double Bass and All we know as " Fills", Mullen. Lastly, Master Musician, Swage, Mans the BASS/DJEMBE/Lead Guitar/Eletric Violin and backup vocals.

Toegther we have formed the ultimate super group of Blues/EXPERIMENTAL/PSYCHEDELIC/FUNK/METAL/ALTERNATIVE/ROOTS ROCK that will tease the mind and fill the body with MULTI GENRE FEEL GOOD MUSIC.