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You Will Never Be Defeated

Sean here. So, the CD is complete. Now that's it's done we want to move on to recording more songs. We have a bunch of new song and performance ideas and are chomping at the bit to get those rolling. But first we must spread the gospel about our debut CD, "You Will Never Be Defeated". It's just under an hour, it's intense. It's seamless. It never rests. It's heavy, but not in the genre sense, but more in the weight of the vibe and substance. I'm sorry that I'm not good at writing songs about being happy. Although there is a good one about sex on there. Even us dooms sayers like a lot of good lovin'. What the hell? If the end is nigh might as well enjoy the ride, right? The album is intended to be listened to as a whole. All the songs are connected. It is for sale here on Reverb Nation. If you live here in the Portland Maine area, then go pick up a copy at Bull Moose today! And get some good lovin...