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Modern Classic Pre Sales

Pre selling my new CD Modern Classic to speed up it's release.


NEW CD in the works with DUKE ROBILLARD producing!


Pre sales are vital to the success of the recording of my newest CD. Thanks for your halp, the CD's in the mail! Bless!

Leaving for Europe on April 11, 2010

Well, we have a full schedule booked all over Europe, 5 countries, 45 days, 22 shows... ROBIN BANK$ & CHRISTIAN DOZZLER Livin' Life European Spring Tour 2010 After making music together in Texas for many years earlier in the decade, these two blues heavyweights have teamed up again to record a duo CD in Dallas, TX, with all original material. The CD entitled "Livin' Life" has been released in November 2009 on the BluesWave label, features 14 new songs by the two artists, and will be presented on international tours in 2010. Quote from the liner notes by Sonny Collie: Robin Bank$ and Christian Dozzler are contemporary blues people, rolling their own and moving their chosen music forward. They ‘get it’ when it comes to the dilemma of modern blues: that a music has to evolve or die. And on this disk, witness blues evolution. Witness blues gone World. They blend a perfect smoothie of influences in a simple piano / voice duo -- jazz, R&B, Creole, country, boogie-woogie -- but listen: their bare feet are squished right down in that blue mud, channeling it up through their bellies and into the microphone. http://dozzler.com/livinlife-e April 16, 2010, Au Petit Coq, Brussels, Belgium April 17, 2010, Café de Kwartel, Kruibeke, Belgium April 18, 2010, Tavern de Reynaert, Lokeren, Belgium April 19, 2010, Banana Peel, Ruiselede, Belgium April 21, 2010, Blues on the Schelde Cruise, Terneuzen, Holland April 24, 2010, New Orleans Festival, Wendelstein, Germany April 26, 2010, Alte Meierei Am See, Postfeld, Germany April 28, 2010, Jazzclub, Eisenach, Germany April 29 2010, Altes Kino, Rankweil, Austria April 30, May 1 & 2, 2010, Jazzfruehling, Kempten, Germany May 5, 2010, Le Pirate, Rosenheim, Germany May 7, 2010, Cafe Depot, Mistelbach, Austria May 8, 2010, Davis, Vienna, Austria May 11, 2010, AK-Saal, Linz, Austria May 13, 2010, GH Mueller, Burgthann, Germany May 14, 2010, Thalsaal, Sulzberg, Austria May 15, 2010, Aula HS, Lingenau, Austria May 17, 2010, Jazzland, Vienna, Austria May 18, 2010, Cafe Egon, St.Poelten, Austria May 21, 2010 Gambrinus Jazz Plus, St. Gall, Switzerland