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New cd

Our new cd is up for sale now on iTunes. Our group name is Schram and MacPhee, and the cd is called "Chasing Wild Horses". Thanks for all your support. All my best; Paul

New Songs

We have a few songs up for sale now on Reverbnation. Thank you very much for all the support. All my best. Paul Schram

New cd

We have our cd in the process of being put out for sale through Reverbnation. It's called "Chasing Wild Horses", and it should be available sometime in May. We're very excited about it. It'll be on iTunes, amazon.com, rhapsody.com, and a few other sites. I'll let you know when it drops. Paul Schram

New Video coming soon

We have a new live video for "Ode to the Canadian Soldiers" coming soon. It will have me, John MacPhee, and Brad Howe.