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The Cuyler Boys Band FAQ

Here We Go, The Real Dirt ! 1) Are The Cuyler Boys Real Life Sisters? Yes , They Truly Are. 2) Are you Guys Named After That cartoon Squid Family ( Squidbillies) ? We proudly stole the name, If you have not seen them check out Unknown Hinson & Squidbillies on The Cartoon Network. http://www.adultswim.com/shows/squidbillies/index.html http://www.myspace.com/unknownhinson 3) Where are you from? The Boys are Lakewood, Colorado Natives, who escaped captivity & went feral years ago. The Newly added GURU, will not tell us anything about his past but is rumored to be related to Albert Wesker, The ruthless & Evil Super Ciber Villian. Rick Saint is a long term Denver resident, also spent time in Chicago, DesMoines, St.Louis , Tampa, Louisville, Rockford, Green Bay & Was born and Raised in The Minneapolis area. 4) What is The Difference in The Band Names? Rick Saint and The Cuyler Boys are songs with vocals & The Cuyler Boys Band is mostly instrumentals. 5) What Do Those Odd Song Titles Mean if Anything? * WRAY GUN - Is Our Tribute to Link Wray in Our own Style. * SCAT SONG - made with all sorts of licks (the left over Sh*t) * THE MESSAROUND- Named after a Classic Car Event in Minnesota. * 4 G BLUES - 2 Grannies,1 Grandpa, 1 Garage. * Frenzy - A Copy of The Title ( Not The Song) of A Screamin' Jay Hawkins Song. * Rock & Roll is Gone - A Lament,inspired By Don Mclean, about the changes in Rock and Roll. * Hunchin' On the Moon - A Song with a nod to The Late Great Hasil Adkins, contains Hot rods, Booze, Aliens, & lots of Hunchin' This was written to get the attention of Radio Rumpus Room, with the hope of getting Jean and Ron to play it someday! http://www.myspace.com/radiorumpusroom