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"Life As A Single Parent Musician"

Life As A Single Parent Musician" Published in BC Musician Magazine. click this link to read article. http://bcmusicianmag.com/articles/life-as-a-single-parent-musician

a poem "Poetry"

Been writing a lot lately and decided its time to share. Pen is out of hand and computer is on here goes!! poetry for you world!!


Poetry comes to me in the morning dressed in lacy gowns of possibilities. She entices me with her dance of ribbons flowing on the breeze Shaking the trees branches dusted in the sweat of last night’s dreams. She sings to me in soft whispers tickling my ears, the hair on my neck erect to her scent Enchantment inspiring me to rouse my sleepy desires hidden in the bottom of my bed sheets. She is my vixen, She is my saint Always there inside of me moving me Keeping time of my life caring for me and awakening me everyday I melt into her skin and I breathe her sweet breath Gentle kisses for me dropped inside my heart My poetry my sweet sweet love Poetry

Written by Tone Indbryn © 2010