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Satan's House Band

This is what i hear in my head..well sometimes...sometimes music just comes out when you sit down and play. Most drums are fake..i use Fuity Loops demos among many...I like when friends send me drums and i just record what I hear is missing right over them... The Band Name reflects many things... #1 I dont believe in anything..including Satan...except that we will one day be a part of the stars when this Planet explodes...there is no God or Buddha or any imaginary figure to help you through life...if i could choose one I would choose Homer Simpson..he's a good one..not perfect like all the others claim to be!! #2 if Im wrong..then Im probably going to meet Satan and hope he lets me play for him Nightly..in his "House Band" if i have to explain what a "House Band" is to you than you shouldnt be listening to music!!! #3 it's an attention grabber..just like Manson in all his get-ups..people love to hate Satanists and the more they throw hatred ..the more other people listen to it!!!