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Infinity Track List

Hey Everyone! So Here is the track listing for the songs that will be on Infinity!

Infinity Track Listing

1.#1(Number One) 2. 8 to Infinity 3. Keep Holding On 4. Alone 5. Don’t Go 6. Tear Me Apart 7. Say Oh 8. Give My Love 9. The Story 10. Let you Go 11. Passions Desire 12. Dragon In A Cave 13. FireStorm

Song Preview!!

Hey! I've been ok'd to let u all hear a sample of a DEMO version of one of my songs. Remember a few month ago when I shared a Accapella version? well now I can share the original demo for GIVE MY LOVE. This is very different from the version that we will be releasing on the new album. We did a few harmonies and hadnt really done much to mix or edit when I recorded the demo. Written by my co-producer/writer Christof aka HollywoodMJ, this song in one of the slower/mid-tempo songs that will be on the album. We will be uploading it on www.Reverbnation.com/ryjin for u to listen to at midnight tonight. 12am 12/09/2012 PST Tell me what u think! Love u all!

Prizes (What do you Want)

So i'm creating a prize list for some cool stuff we're doing soon. I need some additional ideas of what you would LOVE to have from me.. and seriously, pretending like money isnt an issue I want to know what my fans would love to see and a prize(big & small)

Online And Ready to Rock!

My website is updated - www.ryjin.com I finally finished uploading all my songs to reverbnation! Sign my guestbook on my website and join my street team here on Reverbnation!!!