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SoCo Update

What up, wut up?!? Frank G. here to give our fans a lil update on whats good with us. 2009 has been so fuckin good to us thus far, we've been doin shows all year and still rockin. After each show, we are grabbing more fans & earning our spot in CO Hip Hop, it really is a fucking blessing. So here in the next few days, we will be putting up a few BRAND NeW tracks that we've been workin on over the summer, for our new album. Now some of you are probably wonderin wut the fuck happened to our 1st album 'Subliminal Syllables'??? Well, contrary to wut you may believe, We WILL be releasing 'Subliminal Syllables' very soon, trust me you will know when its comin out. That album means too much to us to not let everyone hear it. With that said, we do have tons of new music coming out very soon, look for 'Fresh Out the Box Vol.2' to be out soon! (Vol.1 @ Independent Records now!!), HomeGrownn is finishing up his record, and we are knee deep in our new project. Very excited for whats comin in the next couple of months, so stay UPDATED with us here and on TWITTER. Next show is Nov/ 20th, more details to come myspace.com/socokillas twitter.com/this_is_soco Love & Respect Frank G SoCo Representa