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So lately I have been going hard with promoting my music and radio show all over. Yes it is the PROMOTION and MARKETING of most products that make them PROFITABLE more so then the PRODUCT itself (I mean the SNUGGIE people are rich for crying out loud..a blanket with sleeves??) In this digital age, the music industry is TRANSFORMING RAPIDLY right now. Some say that the era of the CD is pretty much over... although I don't really agree YET..I know its not too far in the future from being true. But the way music is PROMOTED has changed DRASTICALLY even in the 12 years that I have been doing music myself. ONLINE promo used to mean you wasn't really a "STREET" rapper ..cause you audience didn't even go online. NOW even the most "GANGSTA" (even fake ones) absolutely HAVE to promote online or kill their career. Yes people STILL like to see posters on the street corners, flyers on their windshield AND YOUR LIVE PERFORMANCE. But you HAVE to have an ONLINE presence now to even be CONSIDERED a serious artist. Not just a WEBSITE like you could get away with at the turn of the century, no YOU NEED A TWITTER OR YOU DON'T EXIST..AND A FACEBOOK PAGE WILL HELP TOO! If you are an INDIE and you are NOT on REVERB NATION...many don't take you serious. Reverb nation is the new and BETTER MySpace ..mainly cause it offer 10xs as much statistical info and ways to promote, and its an ARTIST ONLY site pretty much. So now the question is, WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU PUT MORE MONEY IN? WHICH ONE GIVES YOU THE BETTER CHANCE OF GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL?

Check out the Discussion We Had on K-100 Radio about it all: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/k100radio/2011/11/09/episode-227-online-music-promo-vs-street-promo


Life as an Indie artist can be great sometimes, but to be real it often SUCKS. You really have to love being an artist to tough out this existence. Even if you have other ways to make money (AND YOU BETTER IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED) once you get in front of that mic you redefine yourself and become the but of jokes and a target for scam artist. Such is life, you signed up for it since being an artist is a choice. FIRST and foremost it is important to separate a true INDIE ARTIST from someone who "just rap or sing a lil' bit sometimes" THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT INDIE ARTIST! This discussion is for SERIOUS ARTIST. IF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ONE PROJECT DONE BUT YOU BEEN RAPPING/SINGING FOR OVER TWO YEARS, YOU AIN'T BOUT THIS LIFE! This discussion to share some of the GOOD, BAD and UGLY things you have to deal with as an Indie artist, and hopefully we can actually help some of the newcomers avoid a few pitfalls. Okay, so the GOOD news first: FREEDOM. As an indie artist you don't have to ask anyone else which song will be your single. As an indie you don't have to live up to selling huge numbers of records or downloads in order to be deemed a success. As an indie YOU are the boss and have creative control of and own all of your content (hopefully), unless you are signed to an indie label. Your project can only be shelved by you, and if you own your own brand and imprint you cant be "dropped" from it, and you more then likely don't have to split up the profits nearly as much. In short, the best thing about being an Indie is YOU are the boss, YOU are in control of your career FAR more then most major artist, and you will get a bigger chunk of the profits when they start rolling in..... To read the rest click this link: http://www.chainlessentertainment.com/no_chaser_the_blog/indie_101_the_good_bad__ugly_of_being_an_indie_artist/


So since I have had to reduce my schedule in order to promote the new album, I have been submerged in the world of music. I haven't watched much news, politics, current events because of this grind. Thus this Episode will of course be about the industry. To the point, i want to talk about the DEATH of independent album releases. Call me old school, stubborn or whatever, but I STILL like a good ALBUM. From the ALL original content (since I don't really want to hear what you sound like over a beat that was already made famous by someone else) to the FEEL and stamp that sets it apart from a mixtape. Sometimes I don't want to hear a DJ talking..especially if IM not in a club. Thats the simple truth of it all. Since the mixtape explosion in the early 2000's more and more MAJOR and INDIE artist have opted out of producing original albums. Some say it's too costly, some say people don't want them anymore. I TOTALLY disagree with that stance. Since I have released my album THE CINEMA OF ME the number one big up I get is this: "man I'm so glad to see someone do a real album again" Now of course as the CEO of CHAINLESS ENT it was my call to go that route, I don't have to answer to anyone as an artist. But if I did it would be a good possibility that the label would have told me to do a mixtape. For whatever reason mixtapes have crushed the notion that an INDIE and even some MAJOR artist should put out an album. Its either a single or a mixtape! But WHY? I want to ask some artist, producers, DJs, and CONSUMERS how they feel about this on K-100. K-100 RADIO www.blogtalkradio.com/k-100


In this country lets just be real: CONTROVERSY SELLS! That is indisputable since most of the shows people watch are centered around some sort of reality fake drama. When it comes to music we have more than enough controversy to go around in ALL genres. BUT just like socially black people have a far greater chance of dying violently then another group, our musicians and artist, especially in Hip Hop and now RnB have a great chance of having some sort of public beef. Don't get me wrong I know that there are beefs among other genres, Britany Spears has beefed with some of everyone, so has Limp Bizkit, Justin Beiber and more. The thing is when it comes to beef with BLACK musicians first it is always blasted all over media outlets, and second it has a greater chance of getting physical for real. In hip hop music beef is intertwined within the genre because 90% of the artist are from urban areas where violence is an everyday thing. It makes perfect sense that in a country where young black males have a high chance of dying by gunfire or doing a prison bid will in turn produce a genre of music that is laced with violence since hip hop is dominated by young black males. But seems lately even the supposed to be softer side of black music, the RnB side has become riddled with beef. K-100 RADIO www.blogtalkradio.com/k-100


FM Radio SUCKS!! Yeah I said it. Don't get me wrong, it's still the dominant format to get the public hooked on a song. It's still the standard that you have to be on to really be considered a "success" in the music biz. If you are not getting any FM radio play regularly, you cant really be considered a STAR can you? We will come back to that. The main thing is the large span of people that FM radio can get to. When you include SYNDICATED shows its pretty much all over the damn country. Some places don't have much of an urban market because there is no URBAN area nearby. THIS is a MAJOR limitation of FM radio..it only stretches as far as the signal goes. BUT I'm into Satellite and Internet Radio these days (of course) because of the VARIETY in music and NO COMMERCIALS. The technology is new but the SPAN of people it reaches and the variety in programing KILLS FM RADIO ALL DAY! I wonder how many people still actually dig their local FM affiliates. I wonder if they had a simpler way to get Satellite and Internet Radio would they opt out of listening to FM. I have no beef with the DJ's and Hosts on FM radio..some of them ore really good at what they do. Its the BS politics that makes it suck. K-100 RADIO www.blogtalkradio.com/k-100


This is just my first of many blogs I will be posting on my ReverbNation page. I want to just briefly touch on the state of the music industry, really the rap game. Its in shambles. That was simple, but true. This we know already, but the WHY is what some can't agree on. There are many people to blame, starting with the lazy A&R's that don't want to hunt for the real talent and instead rely on dope money to push the wack artist to the front with a bullshit hit single, just so they can capitalize on the buzz they already got. This is also how the labels have killed the game. You see, in case you aint heard, the old model of actually seeking out the best talent is dead. Now, you have to generate your OWN buzz first. That means a few thousand sales and bds spins by yourself. That means radio play (which is gonna cost you, and we know payolla is in effect) That means you need money, lots of it. So thats why you hustle, get a few "investors" (thats another way of saying you or one of your boys thats pushing some weight that want to clean up they money) Then you spend a few stacks on studio time, beats, cd's, promotional material, paying off dj's in the club, paying off publicist. By the way if you happen to have responsibilities and have to work, then you might have to quit so you can travel and perform. All of this so someone at some big label hears your name or song after you put all that work in it, then they come with the SUPER big money to ride your lighting all the way to the bank. Simple right? Only problem is...the most talented and creative artist are not necessarily the ones who are going to have those "investors" Most of them cant quit their day job they need to support their kids feed themselves. So instead of the labels seeking out good talent and taking a risk on that talent by INVESTING in someone without a pre-paid "BUZZ" , they do the lazy shit, and wa-la! Another wack ass song on the air, wack ass artist with a deal. And we wonder why the music is so bad coming out in rap/hip-hop nowadays. And I haven,t even gotten to the RADIO people...LOL. Or some of theese dj's that are not really dj's, and they think they are A&R's themselves. Whatever happened to breaking a new record just cause it was hot fellas? Now you want $500 dollars to press play? So in closing, the state of the game is bad. But some of us are still fighting the fight, and thanks to the internet we can promote ourselves economically to the whole world. But you consumers have to seek us out. Use that computer for more than just email and social networking. Seek out the thousands of great artist that don't have a d-boy connection to give them that buzz. The ones from those small towns that don't have a major radio market. The real artist that LOVE their music and are proud to say that are MC's, not another "hustler/dope boy" telling you he aint a rapper while he rapping to you on the fucking cd! Thats all for now. This is my first blog, but there will be more to come. Leave any feedback you want, I take it how it comes!! BLIZM chainlessentertainment@gmail.com