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eI'm back on writing a blog after quite some time. I traveled a lot during these last 4 months and very fortunate to travel for business or pleasure I had the time to think and reflect about certain thing I was not paying attention in the past year. EXPERIENCE! With the daily life and the pursuit of my achievement I took the risk of loosing focus on the things that are most important, which it was spending time with my family and dedicate time to friends and personal relax. I forgot how important it was to just take time for exercise or take a walk or just have a glass of wine while reading a book, not even mentioned about taking a vacation! I start to realize that trying to getting better as musician or improve my business DO NOT mean forget about everything else because otherwise that is no purpose on doing all of that. My business it's just part of my day and and the rest of my day has to be focus on my wife and my daughter first and than friends and myself as well. Everything can be done with the discipline of organization and dividing the task on my day, knowing that after the working day there is life which at the end is most important than everything else. Whenever I travel now I don't bring my bass or anything else related to music anymore (beside my IPod) and I just want to be in the moment and experience the places or reading the books or meeting people. I re-discovered that doing this bring my energy and creativity at much higher level when I get back to my studio and make me a better person all the way around. On the music side, the mixing of my record is still going and we're on the final 4 songs, complicated process…….stay tuned. Thank you for reading this wherever you are. Roberto

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