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Sup yall. Signin in once again 2 give yall a quick update. First off Im changing the name of my mixtape from "Blessed With Finesse Vol. 1" to "The Earthly Escape". This came 2 be when I was randomly going thru the concepts of the songs I have written in my head that Im puttin on the mixtape. It hit me that these songs are way too deep and down to Earth for the name of the project 2 b "Blessed With Finesse" so I re-thought the whole theme of the mixtape 1 night in my college dorm and came up with "The Earthly Escape". If all goes how I vision it, this tape is gonna b CRAAAZYYY! All thats left is to finish it now. Thats all imma say 4 now tho so till next time, much love and God bless. Yurrrp!

Watz good??

Wats good yall! It's the boy A.V.O. comin at you live from Miami, FL! Thanks for checkin out my music website. Hopefully yall enjoy the tracks I got up on here so far. Feel free to download em from here too. Imma have wayyyy more up sometime soon. By the way, my first individual mixtape, BLESSED WITH FINESSE VOL. 1 is coming soon and if u havent checked my first collab mixtape ZERO GRAVITY with my labelmate, Yung Million, then go ahead and do that by going on datpiff and either typin in "A.V.O." or "Zero Gravity". I also got another collab mixtape with my main man, DJ Spigot comin out soon as well so look out for that. But yeah peace for now. Alriiiteee!!