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Its Proffit Time

Okay heres the deal. When it comes to music, I'm no stranger to the tunes. But how do I figure out widgets and banners and such? I am determined to turn the Jhoni Proffit Band site here at ReverbNation into a very workable and jammin site to visit. I will be tryng to reach new fans and keep in touch with fans we have now... An info and help with the promoting and marketing of JPB/original songs would be awesome. Hope to talk to y'all soon.

Copyrights are Final!

Good news boys and girls, copyrights are final. You can now listen to these songs in their entirety, not the final versions of course, but rough demos. Listen for the final version on some big stars album(hopefully), until that time these will have to do. Let us know what you think. Sincerely Big John a.k.a Big Papa Willy

Here Comes the Chick!

Hey, it's Amy, the chick in Jhoni Proffit Band. We have some exciting gigs planned through the summer. We play at Commonwealth Yacht Club and Moors seasonally, and we play many places in the surrounding area, so come out and hear us when you can--you are guaranteed a good time. Our bookings are updated on the "show" page, so be sure to check 'em out. After karaoke'ing the other night, John and I laid down the vocal tracks for my songs on our promotional CD. We are very excited to get this finished and to have our promotional material on the web. I'll be back from time to time when I get something on my mind or just want to talk about something. So watch for the blog, too, if you care to hear me rant and rave. ;-) Always be careful and stay out of danger. HA!


I wonder if anyone actually visists this site?

Welcome from Big John

Howdy and welcome to Proffit Country. Here in Proffit Country, rock might sound like country,...and country can rock your whole world! That`s how we like it in this neck of the woods. And the band itself? Words cannot explain how much joy I get when I am jamming with Amy, Tony and Norris. Sometimes it `aint nuttin but pure magic! We have original songs that are rockin country as well as country-ish sounding rock and roll [plus some misc. music of various genre]. And we all love music. If music was a person, the Jhoni Proffit Band would be in jail fo stalking her. We dont play `cause we want to, e play `cause we have to!