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A busy year!

Hello to all Kamikaze Fans, its been a very productive year for Kamikaze. Had Benji Kamikaze arrive, then losing Steve Baxter (he will be missed by all), gaining of the legendary Scott Filby and the triumphant return of Kamikaze Devshot.

The Ep was a great success, the album, which was to be completed by now had to be put on hold due to loss of a hard drive. This will be back on track pretty soon, just waiting for Benji Kamikaze to get off his arse and fix the computer.

New tracks appearing all year long, from the evolution of Japanese Baby into Have/Want/Need, Brand New bceoming It Wasnt Me and finally Fight It. To the new originals brought by sum skilled writing from all of the band such as Sexy Mama (a homage to Bondage Baby), the fabulous Sippin' Whiskey, Feelin' Frisky to the more recent release of Incandescent.

Some of you think that Kamikaze cant have much more to give, but with dozens of originals in preparation, the new style Kamikaze will be organised very soon possibly for the weekend and some interesting twists on some old and new Kamikaze tracks.

This has been an exciting year! We have worked hard, but the people who deserve the applause are you all, the Fans without you we would be nothing.

Thank you to all the Fans Much Love Kamikaze Hotshot

From Stamford to Wisbech

Another 2 gigs down, Stamford a fantastic gig with some absolutely fantastic bands, great night!! As we all expected the return of Dev went down brilliantly and ongoing success.

Fingers crossed for the computer to be repaired and the album can be finished. (We love you Spenny if you get it fixed)

On the weekend Kamikaze are venturing to the great Molton Seas End!!!! hopefully see you all there on Saturday night in the park!!!

Much love KH

Hitting the locals

Well Kamikaze made a return to Spalding for a new venue, Brennans Bar, Spalding. Great night and we love the locals. We also saw the return of two Kamikaze greats Steve Baxter, who returned to sub for Jim on a one night only and the return of the infamous backing guitarist "Dev" who were amazing!

So to catch up we've been very busy, added yet another original (Sippin' Whiskey, Feelin' Frisky) if you havnt heared it yet go to the you tube vid on the main page worth a listen. We're working on the return of See These Eyes so the long term people can get another hear of that soon.

We're also working on a beautiful new track "Incandescent" a big hit with the band, we're looking forward to unveiling it to you..... on a special preset date.

Well ive rambled on a bit so i better finish off, dont forget this weekend we have Stamford Voodoo Lounge and the Wisbech Football Club, a fantastic weekend of superb music!!

Look forward to seeing you there

Benji Kamikaze

Post Gig Stress Disorder

Kamikaze had a fantastic gig in Nottingham at the Old Sal last night loved it. Great crowd, great people and great venue! thanks to everyone!

Dont forget we're all getting together tomorrow night at the Axe and Cleaver Boston!!!! with The Beverly Hellbillies!


E.P. done now what?!

The E.P. has been released.... as usual with the Kamikaze was a rocky release, but it was a great sucess and we had a great night. The T-Shirts were amazing and almost a complete sell out (we have more coming for the gig this weekend i believe, 24 April 2011 "The Sal, Nottingham".

Obviously in March we lost Steve Baxter, who has been with the band since the beginning and he will be missed. Even so we have recruited the fantastic Scott St. John Filby, a fantastic guitarist whos bringing his own influence to the band. He and I (Benji "Kamikaze") have been in and out of the studio (Jims Bedroom) over the past few weeks.

This hard work is towards the upcoming and revolutionary mix of old and new tracks, which will be the Kamikaze Hotshot album (Release Date TBA). Myself and Steve have been plotting and have some interesting ideas for the coming months. Keep in touch we love to hear from all the fans.

Much Love Benji "Kamikaze" and KH