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Please support us and get the new EP! 3

We have so many new followers! Its so awesome to see new people. Thank you so much! You may not know, but we very recently released a new EP of music! It would help us tremendously if you supported us by buying. Its available on Amazon and iTunes but its also available on BandCamp.com! You will gain incredible karmic positivity if you buy. ♥



We are so stoked to finally release our little two headed baby to the world!!!!

With the help of producer Dean Dichoso, Harlequin Jones have created the EP Overflow. Probably the best one to date. With your purchase and support, we can work towards making a music video and merch! :)

You can purchase it at http://harlequinjones.bandcamp.com/album/overflow

If you cant use Bandcamp, you should go to http://www.nimbitmusic.com/harlequinjones

It is also available on iTunes and Amazon but they kind of screw the artist. ;)

You could also support by buying t-shirts that are available while you watch this video! http://www.mycinsay.com/c/9acd2a51-e5d3-4e2a-8820-df20c8ca2f78/harlequin-jones/social/share/f11a6ed1-1dc4-4049-a89a-d66462a9710e?v=1351820386108

WHEW!!!! That was a lot! Is your brain overloaded now? Deep breaths friends...deep breaths....

Preview the new EP! Teaser video

Harlequin jones is just about ready to release the new EP "Overflow." Here is a sneak peek and behind the scenes look at the making of and songs! http://youtu.be/vU8Wh3EnxU4


We, Harlequin Jones, finished our new record! We will have it in your ears at the end of October.

New Harlequin Jones EP nearly finished

We just wanted to let everyone know that Harlequin Jones is so damn close to finishing a new EP for your thirsty ears to suck up. Esteemed producer Dean Dichoso is at the wheel and the EP should be released later this year!