my divorce has been final for a year now, in the settlement I made an agreement with my ex through the lawyers that I would sign over the house to her if she gave me back all my musical equipment and recording gear so I signed over the house because she told the lawyer that all of it was there just waiting for me to get it, when I sent the moving guys to get it only half of it was there and she said she didn't know where the rest of it was, "the hard drives on my computer with all the songs I had written over the last five years that I lived there were gone everything had been deleted wiped clean.... then I saw her boyfriend playin in a video on Facebook and he was using some of my missing music gear in the video so there you have it "liar".. my Lawyer told me not much I can do about her lying unless I want to file a contempt of court against her which will cost me another 2 Grand and that's money I just don't have especially with the odds against knowing what the outcome of court would be. Why do women always come out ahead in divorce?


“Crazy” is just an excuse we give ourselves to treat someone else terribly. When

you end a relationship, and you consider the fact that you’ve probably hurt

someone about whom you genuinely care, well, that sucks. The guilt is quite

unpleasant and leads to things like loss of sleep and loss of appetite. However, if you

can find a way to call someone ‘crazy,’ suddenly you can justify everything. You

dodged a bullet! You’re a hero! Suddenly you feel great, while this other perfectly

reasonable human being that you used to like quite a lot is still crushed and

wondering why you’re not returning their phone calls. They’re hurt and

confused, so they keep calling, and now they’re just feeding into this myth of

‘crazy’ that you’ve built around them.

Dee  (over 1 year ago)

Or maybe they really are crazy, and possibly dangerous. Sometimes, not letting go has more to do with control/crazy than confusion or hurt. Continued contact with someone who can't or refuse to let go sends mixed signals.

Chuck Baker: Love Is, Love Does
Chuck Baker: Love Is, Love Does  (over 1 year ago)

Yeah, been there. Be strong and reach out to something, like your writing. Have a good day, dude!


Chuck Baker: Love Is, Love Does
Chuck Baker: Love Is, Love Does  (over 1 year ago)

Yeah, been there. Reach out to something, like your writing (which you are). Become yourself and spread the news! Hang in there. Chuck