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To all of you who plan on coming this Saturday night August 29th to the UBG to see us play... you have no idea how we are gonna ROCK YOU! We can't wait! UBG... HERE WE COME!

Good things in the works...

We are gearing up for the Aug. 29th show and we are working on some new stuff that will excite and thrill you all. Keep checking in with us and if you ever have questions / concerns, let us know. Rock and Roll!

Things are moving along...

Each rehearsal gets better and better. We're going to try to have some music up soon to hear. Also, some pics will be taken soon too. Don't forget to check our "Shows" section. We'll be adding another show soon as well.

1st rehearsal...

Work still to be done... but man... we're on the right track. I'm really tired and my abs are feeling it. Can't wait to polish it all up and show it to you all.