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New Music Release...

We are really excited to be releasing some new music for all to hear. We are in process of launching our first studio recordings in the past few years. The first brand new single is Rajasi - Om. Cheers

Fantastic Fans

Special thanks to our loving supportive fans making the trip to Barrie, at the request of Rock 95, we will be completing a 'Local & Loud Compilation CD', representing the bands that competed in the finals. All bands and songs appearing on the CD will be featured on Rock 95's new music hour on Sunday evenings with Craig Ross, with the potential to be added into rotation.

New Rock Night

New Rock Night here in Owen Sound has had a great success this year putting on rock concerts regularly. It's a great place for original bands to perform on a professional stage. Owen Sounds new rock music scene is alive and vibrant with awesome bands coming from Meaford, Collingwood, Barrie Toronto, London etc. and even some bands on tour from the as far away as the States. Let's face it, Owen Sound is off the map when it comes to touring bands. So it's been a big deal to see all these bands come through this year. This year will be better then the last I'm sure. We'll see new bands come here every two weeks from all over Ontario. If you want to get involved in New Rock Night contact Steve Kenny at http://www.facebook.com/NewRockNight Cheers Tulasi Hanna

New song gets sponsored by Rock 95 !

"Pull Out " is to be recored and ready for release by the end of this year. Thanks for all the fan support for coming to The Barrie concerts and making this possible! Oh and you can request the songs In The City, Out Of Control or Mean Girl on Rock95 now too. thanks Rock95 for supporting local Indie music.

Finally new music from Rajasi!

Check out our new song Out Of Control! If you like it, it's available on iTunes.You can also request it on 94.5 the Bull, or 101.7 the One! We're also playing a show October 4 at the Harb. We're playing at 5 pm, so don't miss us!