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Some days I think I should have been further than I am as a songwriter/performer/recording artist. Some days I understand why I am not. My goal is to see how a listening audience would feel and make sure I am living in reality not in my own dreams. I'd like to validate talent and efforts. I never had my music packaged other than the pretty good home job I did even to have it on consignment in Hastings Bookstore once. Where is the peak ?

Lately I feel I had to try again with a purpose and see where the road leads and what doors open. I love to write and perform, live or recorded. I have so many songs. I have probably written at least 300.I just don't have much on a copy. Most of my recordings wound up borrowed with a friend knowing it was my last copy and never to return.

So this is what I have. If nothing else I have a legacy to leave. What a great opportunity to share and preserve with friends and family what might have remained in a box in a closet. I do know it is to be heard while I am here not after I am gone.

There may be a few more recorded songs lying still in dust. I am anxious to write again. It has been 10 years and 17 before that spurt. Do I still have it in me? I still have God so I have to believe it is still there. I know all things are possible with God. I have faith. I am excited. I am an aspiring "vintage" artist.

I appreciate your time to listen to the songs, make comments and interact with me.