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"Liquid Sky" - Number 1 Single on Polish State Radio

"Liquid Sky" has remained the number 1 song on Radio Koszalin for the last 3 weeks. We are hoping to stay in first position this coming weekend. If you have a moment to go and vote, please do. Just click Liquid Sky and at the bottom fill in your name and email (phone is unnecessary) and click glosuj and you have voted! http://radio.koszalin.pl/lista_zlota30.php Zo

About ZoSia - Robert Lamm

I heard her first recordings, and we later met up with Zosia while on tour in Europe 2008. I invited Jason to co-executive produce her album "S.I.N.G." for my label, Blue Infinity. She is based on Poland, tours in Europe and is well respected by musicians there

Now on my new album "Living Proof" we have written 3 songs and Z sings with me on 2, BUT she is solo on 'LIQUID SKY'. Great vocal performance IMO

Working with ZoSia - Robert Lamm

This song is the 3rd collaboration with Z. I originally had the music, track, loops, but no melody or lyric.

Sent it to Z who had the melody, the harmonies and the lyric story done, OVERNIGHT! via Internet

"Living Proof" with Robert Lamm

Robert Lamm's latest CD features 3 of our collaborative works: "Arise", "Liquid Sky" and a duet "Those Crazy Things", which you can listen to here! Please stop by http://www.robertlammsolo.com for additional info and purchase links. Also available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.