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Thanks for making THE CON ~ A STEAMPHUNK REVERIE a success!

ho·lism (hlzm) n. 1. The theory that living matter or reality is made up of organic or UNIFIED WHOLES THAT ARE GREATER THAN THE SIMPLE SUM OF THEIR PARTS. Yep, that word describes my experience of our performance of The Con ~ A Steamphunk Reverie! What an amazing experience. The show was sold out both nights! A hearfelt thanks goes out to every single one of you who attended. Besides that inherent, driving, maddening, and oftentimes inexplicable need to create, YOU - the audience - are ultimately why we do what we do. We cannot do what we do without your presence and positive energy coming back to us. So again, thank you. I have ultimate respect for the women of Ascential Dance; their professionalism, bust-ass work ethic, beautiful compositions, their support and friendship, and their all-around amazing-ness has made this a journey we gals will long remember and cherish. Thank you ladies, you definitely rock. Jen Archer (founder of Ascential Dance and director of The Con) is at the top of her game; a woman with endless creativity and energy, and the power to pull it together, keep it together, and bring it! Thanks Jen, you are an incredible force and a great friend. And thanks to all the fellas who supported us. Nick, Frank, Will, Mark. You guys are top-notch - tough, cool, smart, on top of every last detail, and devilishly handsome to boot. Thank you all so very much. Lannie's Clocktower is a really cool venue and we wish to thank everyone there for making us feel like stars! It's just been an incredible journey, and best of all - it is only the beginning of many more creative endeavors to come! Much Love, The Gals "That was the freshest thing I have seen here in a long time. No one is doing this." - Michael Richman. (Video artist, choreographer, performer and colleague) " …that was honestly one of the best/creative/refreshing things I've seen in past few years. It was very personal. I felt like the show was just for me:)! It also didn't hurt I was in the very front row! Thank u soooooo much my friend and I had a great time." -Trevor Moss. (Musician and Live @ Lunch host on KRFC in Ft. Collins) " Fantastic. Awesome, awesome, awesome..." - Matt Williams. (Musician and friend) "Amazing, detailed, fresh, passionate, emotional work. One can tell you all care about what you do." - Birdy. House mngr @ Lannie's: " That was the best...show... ... ... ever." - Jim Saur "...best. costumes. ever. go see The Con for some serious dance eye candy." - Kristi Peterson. Founding former member of Ascential Dance

Welcome Ashley Authement and Nikki Handy!!! These girls Rock!

Can't wait to see this new set! Check out the Gals this Saturday....Wash Park Grill. More info to follow! www.myspace.com/gristlegals