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My top 10 of 2010

My Top 10 Memories of 2010 #mytop10of10 During this time of year I like to reflect on my favorite memories of the past 365 days. On our journey to get to where we want to be, do we even stop and realize.......we are achieving the impossible? Every day, every mini goal that is set and achieved is worth celebration, but we're usually moving so fast we don't get to rejoice. In my attempts to slow life down a bit, I'll be putting the top 10 memories of 2010 right here on Anuheajams.com.

Let us pay tribute to where we came from, and take a moment of reflection. Let us learn from our mistakes, and make plans for a better future. Let us make resolutions that inspire and motivate us to better ourselves.

Anuhea's Top 10 Memories of the year 2010...

#10 Opening for the legendary Al Green at the Neil Blaisdell Arena

#9 Rocking a mohawk to the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards:)

#8 The Quarterlife Crisis Tour throughout Hawaii for my 25th Birthday

#7 Headlining the Surf Roots Tour this summer with The Green, Stranger and Tamarama.

#6 Watching Estelle perform "Come Over Love" Live at South by Southwest in Austin.

#5 A very special Maui weekend with loved ones.

#4 The Right Love Tour (my first US tour) and the TOUR BUS experience!!! (Also, my first time to many cities, like NEW YORK)

#3 Opening for Bruno Mars:)

#2 Winning 2 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, the prestigious annual Hawaii music awards. I was honored to have been voted Most Promising Artist and Contemporary Album of the Year.

And my number one experience of 2010???


Thank you all for helping make my 2010 memorable! Let's make 2011 even better! New album releasing, New Zealand trip coming up in March, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Reflect on your 2010 for a better 2011. Life is beautiful.

Aloha always, Anuhea

New Year, New Beginnings!

Oh my goodness I can't believe 2010 is here. What an amazing year it was in 09. But believe me, I'm so happy its over. So much on the horizon this next year. One of my biggest dreams is becoming reality this year.. and that is that in March we are hitting the road on a tour bus, and traveling across the country on tour. Something I've been dreaming about for years-- every musicians dream! Lol

I get to go with my friends and fellow Hawaii band The Green who's album will be dropping in Feb. We are starting in Seattle and going down the West Coast, all the way to South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin Texas (where I was chosen to be an official performer AGAIN this year.. ! along with fellow AFE Tour members Pimpbot we are the only two acts from Hawii who got asked to RETURN for an Official showcase).

Creative Labs will be sponsoring the bus. You know Creative Labs for their amazing electronic equip.. from speakers to HD cameras, headphones, headsets, video cameras, etc. Check out their website! http://www.creativelabs.com I've already been filming tons of stuff on the HD Vado camera, and rocking out with the Zen Xfi player, my sick Aurvana noise canceling headphones, and using my HD webcam for Skyping. You can only imagine the kind of documentation we're going to have on the road with 6 boys with Vado HD's.... Like our own friggen reality TV show. Stay tuned to YouTube and the updated Anuhea.Tv that we're launching soon.

In the meantime, rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals. Love it though. Gonna savor these next 2 months.

One more cool thing.. I got chosen by Al Green himself to open for him at the Blaisdell on January 23rd! I was submitted with a bunch of other Hawaii acts to open, and yeah! Honored and nervous. Gotta bring some serious soul... do the man proud and not make him regret his decision! lol

Keep in touch! Follow me on twitter! @anuheajams And on Facebook! www.facebook.com/anuheajenkins I'm not able to sign in to my myspace right now! WTF! Standby for that...

Aloha always, and I hope everyone has an amaaaazing 2010.


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Anyone wanting the lyrics to my songs... go check my myspace blog around October 30th... I posted them there! (Next will be guitar chords!) Enjoy! -Anuhea http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&bID=519727172

Summertime and the livings BIZ-EE

Tuesday July 28th, 1:20am

So I've been ridiculously busy lately... we had the Maui Massive concert on Maui last weekend which we shared the stage with Ooklah, Natural Vibes, Maoli and KATCHAFIRE, also the Hawaii State Farm Fair performance. I went onto local hit radio station 102.7fm Da Bomb to promote the weekend shows, and they got me to perform "Birthday Sex" and "Poker Face" live acoustic style just for fun. All these people were calling in, and they get requests for the recordings now... pretty crazy...

At this point our schedule for August is filling up so fast I'm going to cherish the moment I have to write this blog... but I'm LOVING it... July was only busy in spurts and I'm a workaholic and I loveeee to play live. 2x a week now standard is going to really get us ready for Japan in September.

Video director Jason Baum followed us around with the video camera for the whole crazy weekend filming the video for "Here I Go Again"... I saw a rough cut of it and it looks great so far! Super quality... I just wish I looked a bit skinner, but hey! Movie magic Jason!!! Come on buddy!!! LOL nah...

I'm still crossing my fingers that my friend can pull some strings and get me to UFC 101 in Philly next weekend... please oh please Pomai! I've never been to one before and there are 3 fighters from Hawaii fighting, (BJ Kendall and Shane)... also my TUF crush Amir Sadallah...*sigh*... but regardless of dreaminess, there should be some amazing fights. Silva vs Griffin? Hello? If not I'll be watching from The Shack Hawaii Kai no doubt, but I've never been past Texas, so to go to NYC and Pensylvania would be sick.

Just sending a special shout out to all the new friends and fans that Anu-Nation has been getting...

I DO read all the comments and messages you send and attach with the friend requests on myspace, and the messages on facebook, etc., so thank you thank you so much. My computer doesn't work fast enough to be able to get back to everyone right away (LOL) so just know I appreciate you taking the time to look me up and become a supporter. You are a member of Anu-Nation.. (get it? A NEW nation..) and are therefore an AnuNational. In this new nation we are striving to make the voice of the songwriter HEARD and not overwhelmed by the pop-media-monster that has somewhat taken over some parts of the music industry. Additionally, supporting grass-roots style fanships and artist-fan relations. I am no robot, I'm sitting on my bed in my room right now with the fan blowing, its 1:05 am, I'm tired, have tons else to do, but I'm stoked to devote my time to make sure that anyone who reads this blog does not have to go two weeks with nothing new. (been slacking!!!)

psst: NYC we're hitting you up sooner than later actually... I'll just say two words that may or may not mean something to you... Wendy Williams? Sister is calling... keep you posted. This would mean spending some time Eastern USA which I've never been before, so I'd be amped. Of course we're going on tour eventually, so please continue to rock out, spread the word, and learn all the harmonies so you can sing with me when I come.

Love you all so much for being a supporter...



Here I Go Again Music Video!!

Do you want a cameo in my music video for "Here I Go Again"? Well come to the front row at the Maui Massive concert on Saturday July 18th when I'm performing at around 515pm... We'll be filming the live performance footage at the Maui Massive... doing more stuff tomorrow as well... but I'd love some true Maui fans, smiling beautiful local faces to adorn my first music video!

PS: The reason why we're doing "Here I Go Again" first and not the single "Big Deal" is cause Japan is releasing that song as their first single, and they need the vid PRONTO. So we're doing it this week... we're talking MTV Japan wants to start playing it... Stoked stoked stoked. My album releases in Japan on the 22nd of July... they have some pre-released copies already for sale in the imports section!

Aloha always, Anuhea

UPDATE: So the video is out and available to watch right here on ReverbNation.com! Check it out! Thanks to Jason Baum for directing and producing such an amazing video, and all who helped make it possible! Can't wait for the next one! -Anuhea