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Watt created power, that can LITE, a roomfull of snOrers

3-24-11 I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work and effort you put into pushing the Watt/Lite/and esp. snOre show in jax,fl. Watt is so true and a modern day Samuel Clemens. New doors were opened while taking it all in. I got to hang with Mike several times throughout the evening, even got a good bye hug, the word "respect" came from his mouth in my direction, I received and reciprocated in his direction. What's crazy is, Watt along with Lite stayed at a friend of a friends house. We went to high school together, and the way I understand it is that The Minutemen used to stay with her when in town. CRAZY!!! Now onto Lite. ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE, my god the energy in the room was powered, by their motion of sound and movement. A great bunch of guys and I look foward to sharing a stage with them again in the near future.hint hint Watt, Ha! We took the stage and from note one it happened. With Erik living in Indiana and Farmer, and myself in Florida, which leads to very little rehearsal time, we (snOre) proceeded to knock down barriers and play the music we were sent to distribute to the ones whom care to listen. The experience will be with me for as long as my brain keeps workin'. I want to thank Mike Watt and the Missingmen, Lite, Jack Rabbits and everyone in attendance that night, for allowing snOre to be a part of this event, much respect___aC//snOre

Dialtone  (about 6 years ago)

Wish me and the rest of the boys from Dialtone could have been there to witness it all but I am sure we will all be uniting sometime on stage soon!! I am glad your experience was so awesome!! Many more to come, I am sure!!!